Aug 25, 2007

Anticipation and Disappointment

Thunder at precisely 11:31 a.m. Hopefully, they're not the Biblical "clouds without rain" kinda disappoint
-ment. Right now, we're drinking our air through a straw. Time for rain, dammit!

Pepper Dog is the kinda alpha bitch that can't stand things she can't control. Like thunder.

Me? I enjoy anticipation... to a point.

Waiting for rain. Waiting for my very own autographed copy of "Freighter Captain."

Pepper Dog is shivering in the corner and I'm deciding it's time to actively anticipate the death of Castro, seeing as the mailman disappoints yet again: Two red envelopes from Netflix that will never compare to "300", Autoweek, and bank statement. At least my credit cards have a zero balance.



David said...

Okay, here's the question: can you really say that 300 was a good movie? Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed it like you wouldn't believe. lt got my blood boiling, it was visually stunning, and it had more gratuitous nudity than I expected.

But the acting wasn't actually good, the script was melodramatic, and the most emotional moments were kind of awkward (kind of like a typical teenage boy--lots of energy, but not quite so good at the more earnest bits).

I mean, I still bought it (and promptly had to return it when my girlfriend scolded me for buying it the day before my birthday) on the day that it was released.

Maybe I should watch it again just to make my final judgment...