Aug 27, 2007

"Better Headline" says NBC URL -"Church Deacon..."

I'm a newbie, so I'll bite now and regret later. Here's the "money shot" title; roll the mouse over it to see the URL for yourself, or click it (but I'd rather not give 'em the five extra visitors):

Church Deacon, OU Fan, Tears Scrotum of UT Fan in Barfight

As painful as the result of the incident is, it's basically a barroom brawl, probably not unlike many that occurred this past weekend what with the beginning of NFL season around the corner. As stupid as the brawlers were, what the heck is the deal about being "a church deacon"? And is this newsworthy? Apparently, because Drudge took the bait.

NBC can't "label" a terrorist, or even let us know the racial background of a suspect, but its crack team of reporters got another guy at a bar to tell them the religious stature of a dart-throwing, church-going, football fanatic. That's right. There's more to fear from him being a football fanatic than a deacon.

It's not like they were fighting over Armenian v Lutheran doctrine.

Being a church deacon is like being a church-goer. I know the biblical requirements for such a position within the church, but c'mon... I've known a few church deacons and so have you. You might as well say "fisherman". (oh, lighten up!) This was an edited-for-the-blogosphere title to generate traffic.

The fun thing is, NBC possibly had a different headline, and now has a "better headline." In what respect?

All I know is what I read on the Internet. I'll let you decide what it all means.