Aug 30, 2007

Dear John Letter

John Reilly seems a decent sort, and save for a mildly amusing letter from Brown U., the only other political response I've received from the Instalanche. (Instalanche: A dubious blessing, I assure you, but I'll take it!)

Georgetown is much better served by Mr. Reilly, who, while making a faux pas, seems nonetheless a man of letters and good manners. That he views my "voice" as that of a man amuses me to no end.

He's hoping I'm not an anarchist.

I'm not. Well, not today, anyway:


Honey, for a Georgetown Grad and sometime editor, you really should read just a wee bit more before commenting about bloggers! It wouldn't have been too much of a task to figure out my sex. I welcome your comments, but question how much you understand the blogging forum, sugar.

No matter... and yes, it was a joke.

And yet, I would hope one could see the juxtaposition between public service and self-serving politicians. I'm no anarchist, but I can no longer apologize for those styling themselves as "public servants" when in reality, they are noxious publicans and tax collectors. I could go 30 years without "politicians." I won't go three hours of uncertain governmental oversight without my sweet Colt .38 snub-nose.

Politicians as Public Servants; the meaning has been lost, i.e., we are now a "constituency" to be harvested, not a populace to be served. A pox on each of their money-grubbing black pirate hearts.

Warmest Spengler-like regards,

Joan Varga


Jimbo - PRS said...

That was so good it made me tingle.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Jimbo, look left and see what else I've been up to...


LauraB said...

Fracking hell but you serve it up cold - and de-lish!!!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Give 'em hell, Joan! Heh!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

"I won't go three hours of uncertain governmental oversight without my sweet Colt .38 snub-nose."

I Second (Ammendment) that!