Aug 24, 2007

Fun, New Party Tricks! Out-of-Body Experiences!

The Blogfather links to the Linkmeister on an important new development in Out-of-Body experiences. It's done without drugs, so, you know, what's the point? There's always a downside to any new technology. Still, it sounds to me as though Total Recall is knocking at our door.

"This is essentially a means of projecting yourself, a form of teleportation. If we can project people into a virtual character, so they feel and respond as if they were really in a virtual version of themselves, just imagine the implications.

Okay... I'm imagining my damn Flying Car NOW! But wait, let's not be so selfish:

"The experience of video games could reach a whole new level, [someone alert Ace -ed] but it could go much beyond that. For example, a surgeon could perform remote surgery, by controlling their virtual self from a different location."
Don't you just want to be on a malpractice trial jury against a virtual surgeon? Can the out-of-body surgeon guarantee that the um... meat bags actually present with the patient didn't monkey around with gooey bits while the virtual knife-jockey was experiencing technical difficulties from server overload? Oh yeah, let me be the lawyer selecting that jury! It will be time for professional jurors. It already is.

I think it will become the latest college craze first, like binge drinking. At any rate, I have out-of-body experiences on a regular basis at work. I'm pretty sure I see myself in a body that's busily working away, but for all the world, it looks like I'm blogging from my desk.

[Note to boss: I'm home at lunch right now. I'm not really blogging from work. -ed.]