Aug 21, 2007

It's a Dog's life

How come I can take my Pepper Dog to the vet at 2:15 for a 2:20 appointment and get seen at 2:20? Not only was the appointment on time, but she got three shots, two blood tests, a poop test, plus the test results, AND toenails clipped and lots of hugs and love from the staff AND we were done by 2:55!!

Whereas my primary care physician was two hours late for my appointment when I re-dressed, grabbed my chart from the door, walked back up to the front desk while passing my physician, and said, "I'm done." Had to get my co-pay check back from the desk chick and dared her to charge my insurance company.


'mouse said...

There was a column in the paper here last week which mentioned a guy who billed his dentist for the "missed appointment" quoting the dentist's own missed appointment language after he walked out when the dentist was an hour late. Interestingly, the dentist sent him a check and they've had a fine relationship since then.

I dare ya to do the same.

juliec said...

Ah, if only it actually worked that way on a regular basis.

I have to wonder if it isn't at least partly due to the fact that vets usually don't have to deal with insurance?

I don't know, but it would be marvelous if the average doctor's office visit went as smoothly as the average vets.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I was happier when I had no insurance and worked out payment plans with the doc's office.

And, what's worse, on the day in question, I went into the next city for my appointment. It wasn't just two hours wasted, it was half a work day. And precious few sick days or vacation have I.