Aug 10, 2007

A Massage--with a happy ending

Tuesday night I pinched a nerve between my should blades while coughing up a gnat I'd inhaled. EWww, I know.

So, Thursday I scheduled a massage appointment with Anke. Thirty minutes and $35 later I left feeling still pretty rough, because, while the muscles were a bit more relaxed,and the traction was helpful, the nerve was still pretty mad at me. "Ice it down," says Anke.

So I ice it down. Relax a bit. Take another Advil. Sure enough, two hours later, POP! POP! and my vertebrae just released all on their own, and the pain vanished. DAA-YUM!

I coulda spent $35 on a co-pay to see a doctor who would give me fun and costly drugs, schedule an MRI that would tell me nothing and cost quite a bit, schedule a follow-up, and still tell me what I already knew.

$35 bucks, some nice music, firm persuasion, pleasant conversation and good advice. Yes, I tipped her an extra $5 when I left. Worth it a twice the price!


GLASR said...

You need an anti gravity recliner with shiatsu massage. DIY, like that. Show Anke your hilts differ. HA! ;~) xo

Paul said...

Oh those magical hands !