Aug 26, 2007

My First Fisking! I'll be Gentle, I Promise!

Wherein I receive an email from an elightened sociologist from Brown University! Gleep!

Because it is an email, and not a posting, I will maintain the anonymity of the sender. Suffice it to say that he seems an accomplished man, for a Sociologist, and quite passionate about his work in the structure of society as regards politics in third world countries. [To clarify, he wants to assure me that polticians are a better choice. -ed]

I am no match for him, since I never attended college and am but a lowly blogger, blogging about a crap-blogging post on a blog written by a man who is the son of a Jawja Senator. Folks, we're talking about crap, here. I know you get this.

Said BU faculty member begins his impassioned discourse thusly:

Dear sloganeers,
Now, fellow new-found friends, don't think ill of him. I must tell you, I was put off by this greeting, but it doesn't matter. He ended with:

Do you see? He is peeved at the start, makes his case, and then sort of closes with, "Best." Not, "All the best," or, "Best regards," simply, "Best." (Okay, WTF?)

Do you see how I am thrown off by this? How, when writing about crap and the heroic people who were installed in their lofty office by the political infrastructure to remove crap, I am slightly checked in my humble heart to consider the noble politicians who have confiscated my hard-earned Ghost Storytelling money to pay for their junkets to hear Sociologists praise them in South Africa?

I am ashamed. I know we need politicians like we need leeches from time to time; a bit of bloodletting to get the adrenalin going before we shuffle off this mortal coil. Brown University's finest has properly chastised my channeling of Will Rogers, and made this all very serious, indeed. What is a new-born non-political blogger to do? Profess her innocence? No one would believe her.

I do appreciate his taking the time to chide my sense of humor. I'll not fisk any more of his letter because it is the standard sort of stuff that anyone with a lick of sense understands. Even my editor, Captain Obvious, chimed in with, "I'm here to make things clear!"

I have lived for five years in a third-world country of monstrous corruption and near-anarchy. (Oh! Remind me to tell you about the Garbage-pickers' Union in said country!! I risked my life because I was befriended by the wife of the Union organizer. I had no idea. She told me her husband was a lawyer. I was clueless of my peril, until I one day asked her why she always cased the street, left and right, before letting me in the garden door!)

I've also been to an island run by a dictator and seen their health-care system as closely as any film maker or news correspondent. But I'm not a sociologist, so, I just sit around and say shit that sounds cool. Sloganeer. It's going on my resume, under "other achievements".

My final take on all this crap?

It's not that we need politicians so much as we need good Citizens. It always starts there.

So, you gotta ask yourself, what makes a citizen, good? And who arbitrates that elusive quality? And from where does that authority eminate--the enlightened educators?


GLASR said...

Uh, um, ah, sloganeer? I don't get it. :~\

Geez Joan, Sean(interact) usually signs his e-mail "best". :~/


Anonymous said...

Read his comment too fast to see whether or not this "prof" was serious. Probably not, but if he was, let's remember that in this post-modern world, a degree in anything other than science is worthless. Heck, even a degree in "atmospheric science" is an least for those whom the press regard as scientists. Great comment by you, though. Reminds me of a Asimov (I believe) short story where a sewer worker went on strike. I definitely would invite any number of garbage workers, etc to my house before I'd let a dhimmicrat or repulsican in the door.