Aug 28, 2007

Other Jobs Available

Why work in the corporate world when you can be a pirate? There was a Tallships festival in the scurvy town just north of here, and of course there were many big-name sponsors.

Phone tone: Yo ho! Yo ho!

Capn' Morgan: aarrrghh! Who be this?

Big name Rum company: Uh, it's us. We need you in Jacksonville in April.

Cap'n Morgan: if it suits me and my wench, we'll be there. Now off with you! I'll likely kill you if call here again!

At least he and his lady were kind enough to pose for me when I caught them pulling into the parking space. I wonder if pirates get free parking?

The perks could make up for the sparce work load, perhaps.



Anonymous said...

... I'm a button down, eh?.... thank you, ma'am.... I like that..... see you in Helen...


Jean said...

heh... I'm sandals!

Hope the job thingie stabilizes.
Why is Jax so bad? Couldn't be worse than Daytona.

vishnuprasath said...

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