Aug 21, 2007


Damn, I have an absolutely great, true fictional story about the wickedest pirate in my little town. Beyond wicked, she's absolutely bloodless and without a soul. If I told too many details, I'd be at a merciless disadvantage and likely never work in this town again.

If ever a person needed a reckonin' it would be she. I know her. I worked for her I know someone who worked for her once. I had no idea. You have no idea. I'm gleaning more information because I think she merits her own novel, the likes of which would make Misery seem like a cake walk.

I would tell you all about it, but the slack tide of laziness has a mighty pull on me tonight, and it's ghost stories for the tourists the next couple of nights. Stay tuned, though. She's worth it.


juliec said...

I'm all ears. Eyes. Wow - if she for real makes the Misery chick seem like a teddy bear, I hope you don't cross paths with her too much. Yikes!

juliec said...

By the way, thanks for adding me to your links!

Gecko said...

I await with baited breath to hear of the wicked one.

De said...

Sounds like the evil dragon I use to work for.