Aug 8, 2007

The View From Here

At 9:00 tonight, this is the view I'll have from my back porch.

Go get your own view here.

( What's the verbiage? Click on pic to embiggen?)

Update: I really must fully establish my geek creds by telling you that this easily downloaded program just rocks. It may appear at first that you're looking at a static dome of the sky when you first set it up, but just try zooming in on a planet or star. They skitter across your screen because the entire time you've been gawking at the prettiness, the sky has been moving around you. You can even increase the speed and experience the evening sky moving around you.

I use this knowledge of the night sky for my ghost-story telling. Some evenings I'm strolling down ancient streets, the train of my hat streaming out behind me, and my guests following my lantern-led steps into the night. I point to the heavens above, naming some prominent stars, and assure then that the sky they're seeing was no different 440 years ago as pirates and profiteers went seeking out the spot where they are now standing.

It's nice to see the light come on in some young faces when a really good ghost story takes them somewhere they didn't expect to go.


Elisson said...

"Embiggen" is one of those great coinages, along with "cromulent," from The Simpsons.

It sounds so much more "bloggy" than "enlarge."

joanofargghh said...

Neologisms are like crack for philologists! But only if they are premium coin. "Cromulent" is just the bee's knees of neologisms.

I din't know that embiggen was a Simpson coin.

By the way, I first enjoyed the Simpsons in Spanish, so I always sing along with the opening creds, "Los Simpsons!"