Sep 2, 2007

30-day Sand-Blogging

Maybe it's time to start a new trend.

Let's dedicate a server on Blogger or some such site that allows you to knock out your best effort for 30 days, only to delete it forever.

Like some sort of Sand Mandala from Tibetan Monks, let your life and words flow and swirl, blend and then drift into the cyber-wind. No pressure for hits, links, or recognition.

Maybe something like PostSecret, but for folks with a bunch of whatever they need to scream or whisper, laugh or pray into the universe. And then, on the last day of each month, all the blogs disappear. No amount of "Wait! I wasn't done with that!" would salvage the blog. A cold, unmanaged script of code would say, "buh-bye!" and you'd be free to move on. Or start a permanent blog, or laugh at yourself, or just feel... healed.

It would be similar to the fate of many blogs already, but would save the blogger from himself and his lesser angels.

It may even inspire something worth saving from out of a life half-lived.


Erica said...

Have you joined the ranks of billions of us out there who have toiled over posts, only to hit a stoopid button and lose everything?

If so, my sympathies, because That. Freaking. Blows.

I write all my posts in Word these days, and just copy & paste it into Blogger when I'm done.

Or, was this a legitimate idea you had which just sprang out of nowhere?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ha! When Blogger kills my post, I assume I can do better and start over.

After I've kicked the shit out of the computer.

But, yeah. Just thinking it would be kinda cool.