Sep 3, 2007

Captain Max Update

Max Hardberger's book, Freighter Captain, is very, very good. No overwrought flowery crap to wade through, either. Just the facts. And why not? When the facts are so riveting, the challenges unending, and the outcome so in doubt, you just keep turning pages to see if welds will hold and if Coast Guardies will suspect that the oily water separator is a jury-rigged fantasy. Fast-paced and crammed with geeky engineering details and astute government workarounds; it just sails along and pretty soon you're in Haiti.

The good captain offered to send me my very own copy, and I am grateful for the offer. But I just couldn't wait any longer to start reading. So there I am, propped up in bed and coughing my head off, peering into the valuable book I bought from some online pirate, trying not to crack the spine. Doesn't matter. I'm off in a wonderful adventure that's so much fun, I almost forgot to refresh the "cough medicine".

More later, ya landlubbers.


Nonny said...

Sounds intriguing. Cool blog by the way!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hey, nonny, nonny!

(Okay, you've heard it before.)

Welcome and thanks for your kind words. Now let's go check out your blog... brb.