Sep 3, 2007


Damn and blast!

I started to care about something in the post below. I'm over it, now.

As a mind-cleansing agent, and slacking atonement I present,
"S/V Freedom".

Freedom is an authentic replica of a 19th century blockade runner. She is a 72', double masted, gaff-rigged, topsail schooner. She was built in Norfolk, VA in 1982 by famed Naval architect Merritt Walters, the first of his many Rover schooners.

Blockade running sounds like good, clean fun. But the sunset cruise on this is likely the most fun you can have in my little town. And no, I don't work for them, but they are the nicest, non-pirate folks you'd ever want to meet.

Looks like they're hiring, btw. Just sayin'.


Skully said...

Nice little ship!
Needs some weaponry, but that's easy enough to fix.

Van said...

Thanks for the dream seed. I expect the snores will see it sprout well enough... but perhaps a wee dram o' Skully's Grog to make it bloom....