Sep 19, 2007

Growing Gills - Tropical Depression Blues

Update: remember the Harsh Marsh pics in this post? Go look, I'll wait. That's what I've got now, and this farookin' storm doesn't even have a name. Not even a "TD" designation. And the water at the base of the condo? About twice what's in that pic. Yee haw!

Update II: the rain has been absolutely pelting my windows for four full days. Enough! This isn't Britain, for the love of marmite! Sheesh!

Yes, that's a High Wind Advisory.

Quack, already! Damn!

It's been here, hanging around (sat loop) for about 4 days, with another 7 forcasted. I'd rather have a hurricane that would just blow through here and be done with us. Not since that blackguard, Jerry, a few years back, have we had such a sit-n-spin system tormenting North Florida. Argghh!

The poor Pepper Dog is desconsolate as she sits in the downstairs foyer with her nose to the wall. "The lightning can't hurt me if I actively ignore it!" she thinks. Neuroses of several kinds are populating her doggie brain, poor dear.

Five more inches of rain today, and more tomorrow. Blast it all!

But other than the rain, the heat, bugs, gators, and Yankee transplants, it's a veritable paradise.

9/20: Soggy Zombies!! Blue skies this morning! Folks are emerging from their condos and surveying their surroundings as if they fell to earth. They squint at the brightness--it burns! They feel around for the door handle of their cars... they drive off to other, more zombie-friendly venues. Like work.


Erica said...

Yankee transplants...egads! Rest assured, bubele...I will never, ever, EVER be one of those. Florida's nice, but to live? Oy, all my time would be monopolized running away from those damned stoopid cicadas, and other gigantic insects.

I hope your weather gets nicer. Sounds like whatever hurricane is percolating has a case of "Shit, or get off the pot."

pamibe said...

I thought some of that was going to get us down here in Broward, but nothing of note yet.

Oh, yeah. I mean, it's raining off and on and feels like the inside of a giant's mouth, but that's normal...

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, Erica!

Pamibe, trust me, we're gettin' it all. Wind, rain, wind, rain, wind, rain, more wind, tons more rain. Sigh.

Peggy U said...

A couple of friends of ours moved to Orlando two years ago. Yes, I know it is inland, but it is still Florida. I know they get the bugs and the heat. They broke down this year and built a pool.

Why, why, why would they want to go and move? It's a beautiful fall day here. The sky is blue and warm, the leaves are turning, the apples are ripe, and there aren't any gators ... only squirrels. If I died today, I'd go happy ...

Jean said...

Joan, is the ark ready? Is our state going to break off and float away??
It started raining here... complete with wind, thunder, lightning... on FRIDAY! It has not stopped for more than 5 minutes at a time. ENOUGH!!

damn... there is mold growing on me.

lizardbrain said...

Peggy, it's a beautiful fall day here in Maine, too. I wouldn't mind the lack of heat and humidity if I didn't know that the inevitable next step is freezing and arid. And dark.

I'm misplaced. 4 days of wind and rain is a bit much, but I could sure use an occasional dose of Florida hot & wet.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Like Portland never sees rain. Heh.

Just so,it may be rain, but it's warm rain. Feels like pee.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Jean, it's driving me MAD, MAD, I say! I feel like Lauren Bacall in Key Largo. Days and days of rain. Ayyyii!

My poor ragtop can't keep the rain out anymore, and the leather seats are suffering damage, I'm afraid.


lizardbrain said...

And what the heck is a "Tomato Vortex Signature?" Or maybe it's time for new glasses. Or bed.