Sep 22, 2007

Important Update!

HOLD THE BUS! Woohoo! I must have some peeps out there using Typepad, because I'm now proud to inform that I've bested that media whore
(I keed!) Dave Barry's Blog on this! I'm No. 1!!
Thanks to my homies!

In your face, Dave Barry, No. 3! North Florida rulz. Miami droolz!


Peggy U said...

Ok, I could have sworn I posted a congratulatory message here and something ate it. Hmmm. Well, I will try again. Congratulations on becoming a media madame (Isn't the alpha whore a "madame"? I think that's the appropriate terminology.).

Now you've earned a day of rest for that, I believe. Take the day off and bask in your achievement!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Media Madame! LOL!

Heck, Dave Barry just isn't trying hard enough. What with movies, syndicated columns, books...

Me, I've got about a dozen folks who know me. But they're good peeps!

I think one is my son...

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Congratulations Joan!
You beat Dave Barry! I'm sure he will think twice before he tangles with you again.

BTW, "Bodies In My Backyard" would be a cool name for a band.