Sep 26, 2007

Inappropriate Thank-you Notes

Just a little idea I'm kicking around, to keep my mind off of spreadsheets, outlines, market projections, and 10 tons of Carerra marble arriving next Monday.

You know, it would be so inappropriate to send a thank-you card to Chavez, Castro, Ack!Madeenijad, (but I'm sure it's the Hollywood thing to do!) or an old boy/girl friend, or your former mortgage-holder-overpaid-CEO who is renovating his $15 million mansion, or former spouse, in-laws, etc.

A fun little escapist fantasy to keep the right side of my brain mildly placated until I can play there again. Sigh.


Suzette said...

My model for thank-you-note writing is "The Lazlo Letters", a brilliant parody of crackpot communication to famous people and their serious replies.

To amuse myself, I pick out parts from both inquiries and replies inert into my real correspondence, but just as they are they'd do fine for the purpose you mention.

Let's get together today and write up a little something to Kevin Spacey.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Kevin Spacey is so fun to kick around anyway! Do, lets!

pamibe said...

One advantage of being an old broad: been there, done that. I sent an inappropriate thank you note to the slut my EX husband slept with in our bed. [Which I promptly threw away - I would have burned it, but... never mind.]

Good times.