Sep 4, 2007

Neck Exerciser

Uncrate is not a paying advertiser here. Nobody is. I just like their stuff. Today's bookcase is a lovely and appetizingly asymetrical thing. However, when I imagined it in my living room, looking at the different books, I realized that I would be cranking my head from one side to the other like some yoga instructor.

Maybe there are folks who use conventional shelves and still stack their books willy-nilly, but for the most part, book manufacturers want to assure that you have a cramp in only one side of your neck. I'm just not sure if the Quad is making a fitness statement or an artistic one.

For $1800, I'll just take my books straight up, thanks.


Erica said...

Straight up, baby. Hold the ice.

Dat's a pretty fancy bookshelf, but my two verticals five-shelvers, and one two-shelver suit me fine.

I would happily trade in my dining room table for a pool table, though.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Who sits at a dining table anymore?

Who has guests over, anymore?

But, if you have a pool table, you'll always have guests! And nowhere for them to sit and eat a meal.

It sounds perfect.

Skully said...

They musta got the idea from a Picasso, I'm thinkin'.
Hell, for 1800 bucks I can make folks dizzier than that.