Sep 28, 2007

Note to self:

Please stop blogging on your lunch hour. Friday night rewrites after 6:00pm and a nice cuba libre are fine, as far as that goes, but I think all five of your readers worry you're actually pro-Hillary. Gotta work on the lunchtime snark. Time to head over to Doggette's place for a remedial course. She certainly is the Mistress of Snarkasm.

[side note to my note to myself: stop splitting infinitives. -ed]

Also, keep a sharp eye on Erica. She's trying to get on your good side, but I think she's up to something and I think it involves mud on the riverbanks of Helen. Why else would she nominate me for something so prestigious as this?

Thanks, Erica! See you in Helen...

Updated Link-love:
to the Gunslinger. She packs heat with both hands and with her keyboard. That her blog kicks is a given.

And another thing. When there are bloggers who write stuff like this, why do I even bother?

While dropping my son off at a homecoming football game this weekend, Chris rolled his window down and advised him, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

As Devon was walking into the crowd of people in line, he retorted over his shoulder, "And where would I do that? The bleachers?"

He never learns.

I rolled down the passenger window and screamed, "If it was good enough for me and your father, it's good enough for you!"

Poor kid. He simply has no choice but to be dazzling in order to to survive high school with a mother like me.
You could just scroll and scroll through her posts reading one gem after another until you awake from your self-hating reverie to realize you are in front of your blogger dashboard with the screen popup saying, "delete your blog?"


LauraB said...

She rocks, no? I loved the one where she made him steal the neighbors paper and then left him there.

She's a riot.

Erica said...

Sorry I'm a dooshbag for not leaving a thank you comment sooner -- you may aggressively spank me on the muddy banks of the Chattahoochee. I think I could take it.

Butt seriously, your blog really does Kick Donkey Butt. And I'm always up to something.

zonker said...

Donkey butt? The ass' ass? What's next? "This blog kicks Carrot Top's donkey's butt?" Erp! No programmer... can... resist... such... recursion! Trapped! Gaaaaaaaah!

Nonny said...

Cool, how to we vote for you?

Joan of Argghh! said...

I think it's just an honor to be nominated, Nonny!

I would've nominated you, but your blog kicks Irish ass!

Speaking of which, did you kick the "entertainment" to the curb? Or is he still around?

Nonny said...

Well I was going to murder him last night but decided just to throw him back in the ocean. I did the deed this after noon I was going to go with the "It's not me it's you" talk but that would have been mean plus I’m not that brave. Instead I just told him I that he was not on the same page as me and we shared different interests. But don’t go commending me for my honesty and politeness because….I did it over the phone… I’m a cheater. My mother warns I’m going be left on the shelf.

Joan of Argghh! said...

If you'll suffer me to say so, you really should've married your old beau. He sounds like a good man, and he sounds like he's still stuck on you.

Nonny said...

Ooooh Joan not a good thing to say to a wee Nonalator who just had a couple of beers heh ha ha! You'll put the want on me and before I know it I will be ringing him professing my undying love, ahh no I probably should have but he has a girlfriend now and off course retrospect is a fine thing!!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yes, you're right, Nonny, of course. Just funnin' with you a bit, seeing as you had such a fab weekend last week, you rock star!

dogette said...

OH MAN you wouldn't believe how often my finger quivers over the "Nuke This Blog?" button. Sometimes I go through with it, too. But it always comes back. It's like a friggin' zombie you bash in the head with a shovel and it falls down and you think it's dead but damn if it doesn't just get up again and start lurching slowly forward in that slack-jawed drooling pointless living-dead sort of way.