Sep 3, 2007

Political Derangement Syndrome

Mark Levin and Mark Steyn are two reasons why I don't post much about politics. Why stumble around like an amateur when you can read Levin's slam-dunk in NRO?

There is indeed a culture of corruption, and it extends well beyond any single politician. It swirls around big government. It always has and it always will. It has become institutionalized in many ways. And that culture of corruption celebrates clever word games used by unelected judges to exercise power they don’t have as they rewrite the Constitution; it demeans people of faith who speak out against the culture of corruption and for — dare I say — family values; it undermines and seeks to demoralize Americans in uniform as they fight a horrible enemy on the battlefield; it demonizes entrepreneurs and successful enterprises; it uses race, age, religion, gender, and whatever works to balkanize Americans; and so on. This is the real culture of corruption. Let’s call it what it is — modern liberalism. And its impact on our society is far worse than the disorderly-conduct misdemeanor to which Larry Craig pled guilty and for which he has now resigned.

It wouldn't matter what "answer" any party devises, Corruption is King.

The cultural agur in which such corruption has been allowed to spread is the real problem. The catalyst for its rapid growth is the Mainstream Media and the pernicious agenda they've willingly assigned themselves: moral puppet-masters.

For an industry that's read in black and white, the gray fog of our political climate most powerfully eminates from the MSM. They've usurped any Higher Power as a moral compass, replacing it with one of their own design, their own bias.

You think they did this for free? That money doesn't drive their Holy Agenda? That the Media are the only bona fide altruists?

Why should we not cast a weather-eye on anyone who reveres as Holy Truth anything spouted by the MSM-gods, as being anything other than dangerously fundamentalist and steeped in the corrupting influence of money?

Political Derangement Syndrome. The Media may not have started it, but they sure as hell approve of it.

Will new Internet laws assure that the old media heirarchy will maintain its control of the so-called freedom of the press?


Jimbo - PRS said...

Very well said. I have been a regular Levinite since he started out locally doing a two-hour Sunday probram on WABC.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Does one have to be circumsized to become a Levinite?

I love listening to Levin and Dennis Miller. And Walter Williams.

Kim said...

I think altruism lives in someone's head somewhere. I don't think it's any part of any political person's modus operandi. On any side, sides or corollary sides. We're pretty much screwed statesman-wise.

I like the unintentional gravitas thingie.

Joan of Argghh! said...


Dang! I can't spell when I'm drinking vodka! had to write this like, 5 times!

dogette said...

I'm reading and enjoying Steyn's "America Alone" right now. Good stuff. And I've always been a Millerite.