Sep 1, 2007


See that little purple triangle that signifies tornadic rotation?

Pepper Dog and I survived it. And as a weather-junkie I must say even I was impressed to the point of forgetting my camera was right next to me.

I counted up to 40 lightning flashes per minute for at least the last fifteen minutes. Which just can't be.


If it ever calms down, we'll go out for a look and see if the condo complex survived.


LauraB said...

Stroboscopic lightning - rockin'. LOL As a WX geek, I can appreciate your admiration for the matter. We had a tidy blow last night just before the 1st freshman football game of the season. One guy declared it had just blown right over his house and would be gone in a moment. I smirked - yeah.

It was 2 hrs before they decided to call it all off. (We're serious about football here in TX - if the stadium lights hadn't been blown out, they'd have played. Personally, I think they were all still considering lining up their trucks on the end zones and using the headlights...)

Hope all is well there post-storm. That was a tidy hook echo, I think...

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hey,wait a minute!! All that talk sounds too much like work.

I agin' it. Well, today at least!

Yeah, we survived. A few scorched trees is all I can see so far. Haven't checked on the 300 year-old oaks, though.

Kim said...

Sheesh. Why is it that we live in these area? Oh. Right. No snow. Thank you very much.

I've always been a weather freak, having lived in most tornado alley areas, but intensified my diligence (I know, no indolence there) after preparing for Rita, the non event.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I think it was Fred or some such that spurred the eventual gun-purchase. Long before Katrina, at any rate.

We're just one really good lightning strike away from anarchy here.