Sep 19, 2007

Talk Like A Physicist Day! It could happen...

I like to be considered a cool cat, so I read the Vodka Pundit. He turned me on to Cocktail Party Physics, and this amazing blog was immediately installed on the roll, right there, under "Beret".

Not only does she sport a must-have accessory, she has the chops to fill that beret with the snappy patter that only those given over to a lonely lifetime of geekdom can muster. Oh go over and tell her she's pretty. Geeks need to hear it once in a while. But I'd bet she hears it quite often. Today's post is tons o' fun if you can keep up.

Other links from my wanderings today:

Gagdad Bob has a killer Jazz Set at the bottom of today's post. Just go there, click on the player, and then go peruse the interblogs while it plays. Awesome. Won't hurt ya a bit to read his blog, either, you existentialists, you!

Yes, we have no bananas, and neither does Erica. What she does have is leg cramps. Go give her some mysterious traditional remedies you got from your Bulgarian grandma.

Scott Ott needs no link-love from me, but he really zings 'em so fast and accurately you'd think he's related to Mel Ott. Go see his latest about Ahm' A' Dinnerjacket.

Gail, over at Scribal Terror links to some good advice if you're ever near a newly-arrived meteorite, or a Jawja blogger. Plus, don't put live rattlesnakes in your mouth. She's a font of wisdom, I tell ya!

Oh, also, don't sneeze and drive.

Best of all, go here and build your own VW GTI, and let me take you for a test-drive. Oh, just pretend she's me, all right? What a fun website VW has created, not taking itself too seriously.

That'll probably keep you busy until I can crawl outta this Tropical Depression.


lizardbrain said...

OK, I'm here, fried brain and all. Besides the rain, what have I missed?

lizardbrain said...

Hey, thanx for the heads-up on Gagdad Bob's jazz set. Excellent. Makes me feel guilty for blowing off sax practice all week, tho.

Oh, and apropos of today, my favorite radio station, which plays jazz "from the first half of the twentieth century," uses the call letters WYAR. Every time I hear them identify the station, I have to say, "YAR!" Every day is Talk Like A Pirate Day for me.

Erica said...

Thank you! Fortunately, it only happens but twice or three times a year. When it does, though, it is quite memorable.

Nonny said...

They are all cool links. Also you write really well unlike myself, as I am borderline illiterate. Good links though.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hey lizbrain! Pull up a chair. I'm just now off to sleep, now that everyone's arrived to check in. Heigh-ho! Gotta work tomorrow.

Erica, I get those cramps deep in my ankles. Comes from walking in the deep, sugary sand on the beach here. How I suffer to live here!

Nonny, you are too sweet! Your blog is the highlight of my day. I never know what you or Johnny Bellicray are saying, but it sounds likes so much fun! With an accent!

lizardbrain said...

Sorry I can't stay longer. At my age, staying up past my bedtime is not optional. Glad I stopped in, though. I needed a little semitropical slack to wind down.

pamibe said...

The GTI test drive was fun... I used to have one and it was a kick to drive... ;)