Sep 8, 2007

Tomato Soup, Cap'n Morgan, & Capt. Max

Tomato soup. Good for the soul. Not sure if it's gonna cure this flu/cold/ninja virus, but it's warm influence on my innards seems to be the ticket out of this malaise.

Or, that could be the rum talking.

Meanwhile, I've finished reading Freighter Captain. Go read an excellent excerpt here, and you'll have an idea of what I've been through. I feel like I've been sleep-deprived for five months. When do freighter guys ever catch up on sleep?

Can't write about it yet. I've lived it for a few days and it was engrossing to the point that I still need to let it all settle in my mind. It was so good and seemed over too quick--

But I know what I'm buying next: The Sea Bitch .


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

'Mater soup with rum always warms yer innerds. 'Specially if'n you add chili powder (or better yet, fresh chili's).

The Sea Bitch eh? Sounds like me first ship. We didn't get along so well.
Finally had to break up with her.
She was such a nag!

Doc Skully

Erica said...

I cannot freaking believe you are still not better yet. You need to break out some Big Guns now. When I was under the weather, my Aunt Myrna [of blessed memory] always made me a Gogl Mogl [pronounced "Guggle Muggle."]

At my tender age, back then, I was never given the whisky, or the egg. My suggestion: Make the drink, skip the egg, and enjoy, and I'm sure you'll be back to norms in no time.

Nonny said...

I love Tomato Soup with cheesey sambo's emmm yummy!