Sep 8, 2007


"Inadvertent," or "Unintentional"?

Two words from diverse etymological backgrounds. They mean the same thing. Look up one, it means the other. The, "intendere" of stretching toward, aiming at-- and all the words that spring from that ancient term, or the younger, "advertere" of causing to turn toward something.

And they both mean, in a sense, missing the mark. But we use them in an exculpatory sense most of the time in a way that means, "What mark? I wasn't aiming there!"

And so you now you see why blogging is hard for perfectionistic personality types. We can spend all day wondering whether or not to use "inadvertent" or "unintentional." The best writers solve this problem by applying an uninhibitor which kicks the restrictor plate out of those sort of wordsmith conundrums and just lets the words flow out and flood the blogosphere.

So, I'm gonna wait for the sun to cross the yardarm somewhere before I blog anymore today. Just needed to push the other post down on the page, too.


GUYK said...

Well, I damn shore ain't the best of bloggers but when I do get started the words just kinda sorta flow out and if I hurt someones feelings it damn sure ain't "Inadvertent," or "Unintentional"..but then if one blogs to please every one one will please no one..even one's self. And I am like the man who entered the house of ill repute and was laughed at.."who do you think you are gonna please with THAT!"


Erica said...

Guyk is, in spite of/regardless of what he thinks/feels/believes to be true, the best/most awesome/very lovable blogger. Of that I am shore.

Personally, when speaking Russian, I struggle with use of the words "ras lobsya," which means "relax" [as in telling a highly-strung person to "relax," as opposed to, "I need to rest/relax"] versus "oose pakoyza," which means "take it easy," pretty much the same thing.

I suppose I best first try and wrap my brain around the English language before I try to understand/comprehend/learn/grasp/absorb any others.

Jean said...

My intention here is to see if you are feeling better. Hope so!

Joan of Argghh! said...

I reckon I'm getting better, thanks!

That'll be my next quandry, btw: Reckon or Suppose?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Reckon, of course. Besides, you can't say: "thar's gonna be a supposin'" (okay, you can, but that sounds dumb, even to me).

But you can say: "thar's gonna be a reckoning."

BTW, I'd use inadvertent. It's got 3 less letters than the other one (too long to write).

Glad yer feelin' better, Lady Joan (toldja my cure works)!

Doc Skully

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ha! I'd like to use that, "you'd better straighten up or there's gonna be a supposin'about yer future!"

lizardbrain said...

Yeah, the little stalinist thug definitely needed to be pushed down. Thanx.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Totally deleted, as I knew I would.

lizardbrain said...

Wait... You "disappeared" him?


Unless it was just an inadvertent or unintentional result of the sun crossing the yardarm.

Joan of Argghh! said...

On this blog, nothing is certain!

If I EVER post anything worthy of posterity, it will be an accident, I assure you.

I revise posts all the time, btw. It's fun!

Mostly, if I'm bored by them when I read them again, I figure others will be, too. So, buh-bye! I'm still mulling over whether to kill the whole blog or not.