Sep 29, 2007

Van the Man

Raglan Road:

Yoinked from One Cosmos, which, btw, Kicks Donkey Butt like no other.


LauraB said...

Ohhh, good one...nice morning tune with the first cup...

(Have you heard the album he did with the Chieftains? Amazing stuff..."The sea is wide and I cannae cross over" Therein a story, indeed.)

Erica said...

Whatever the song is called that he sings...the one that goes, "And the niggghht is magic..."

Is it something like "Moondance," perhaps?

Anyhow, that particular refrain from that song was playing in my [former] bar the one and only time in my life I have ever sunken the eight ball on the break, which was, for me, magic.

So, that's my Van Morrison story.



Jean said...

I love Van..... all of him, all the time!

Happy Saturday, Joanie!

Petey said...

Carrickfergus. A weeper.

cousin dupree said...

Gee, should we teach homosexuality to second graders, or maybe teach Van instead?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh mercy, Petey and Dupree have deigned to visit my blog!

I loved the link, cousin.

Nonny said...

I love Van alright but Luke Kelly sings Raglan Road better, nevertheless we won't hold it against our Van :)