Oct 23, 2007


It hasn't arrived in North Florida yet, but Eric's beautiful post of October reminded me of my Muse:

Autumn stays and brings a tender hurt
to things that need to change or rest or turn,
gives to us what's offered from the earth
and leaves us leaves to rake or bag or burn.

With smell of smoke a muse arrives as well--
for poets who would prattle, pose, or preach--
to make me glad or sad, I cannot tell,
but Autumn's grasp seems to exceed my reach.


Hammer said...

Very nice.

Joan of Argghh! said...


Thanks Hammer. Glad the spiders haven't won the upper hand over you.

Erica said...

Eric has totally erased any preconception I've ever had in my mind of talking about the weather being a boring thing.

'Twas a lovely post, indeed.

Gecko said...

Quite frankly, Joan, I could just scratch your eyes out for being so damn good at everything including letting the phone co have it.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks gecko, but there's so many important things in life I can't do very well. All this other just makes me almost palatable to the rest of the human race.


Mizz E said...

". . gives to us what's offered from the earth
and leaves us leaves to rake or bag or burn."

I'm going to buy a fire pit when I get back to Texas. Wrap a wool zarape around myself, pour mescal down myself, and allow the aroma of burning pecan leaves to permeate myself.

As for the phone co., follow your muse - Rake 'em, rack 'em and burn 'em Joan.

Elisson said...

Iambic pentameter! I'll be damned!

You are, as they say, a Lady of Parts, m'dear.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Iamibc pentameter, yeah. Lacking any internal emotional structure, I seek it out in writing.


Who says I have Parts, though?

Anonymous said...

... lovely.... and hey, I am glad that you enjoyed my post the other day....


Jean said...

"Autumn's grasp seems to exceed my reach."
I'm still waiting for it too... c'mon, already!

Peggy U said...

That's pretty. Around here, autumn just craps leaves on my lawn and then pees rain all over them so that they are harder to rake up. I don't think I like autumn. But then, I have many trees and much rain. It's no fun jumping into a pile of wet leaves.