Oct 24, 2007

The Big Bang of Political Theory

I had the occasion to post this comment on Bill Quick's site this morning and I liked it so well, I thought I'd put it up on the wall here and throw mental darts at my theory. Or allow you to:

Neither [party] has a “center” anymore. There is no gravitational mass in either to truly draw in the voting public. Thus they devolve into a galaxy of little ass-teroids desperately seeking something to revolve around them and lend them the credibility of being able to sustain political life.


pamibe said...

That is disturbingly true...

Joan of Argghh! said...

It is for me, at least.

GUYK said...

Yeah, it is very true Joan. I have said several times in the past year on my place that if there was ever a time for a tird party now is it. Bill tried a couple of years ago to get something going but there is not enough interest ...or money from those of us who are interested..to get anything going. What we need is a know name or two or three and some of the BIG money such as both the dim-a-crits and RINOs have behind them..I would like to see Tancredo break off and run on a third ticket..he might surprise a lot of folks..

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ooh! Can't go there with you, Guy!

No, we need a gravitational force.

Everybody blames Clinton, I blame Ross Perot.

LauraB said...

Allow me to twist this into yet another shape - voting only serves to instigate more of the same problems we have now.

I may not have Billy's bravery or education. But I believe he has a greater grasp of it all than I shall ever attain. Just read a bit and try to look past his utter contempt for the ignorant. It's been a long fight.

A favorite or two:


Kim said...

Ass-teroids. Beautiful.
And true. sigh