Oct 5, 2007


So, this time next week will be my first blog meet.

I've been researching, getting ready for this.

I mean, Elisson needs a punchbowl for some sorta sucker-punch drink he's concocting.

Zonker's setting up a water slide. I know where he got the idea.

Holder is bringing a lab experiment.

Sam Moore is bringing ...rockets.

Erica is bringing the attitude, making threats, and perfecting hand farts.

Then, Velociman is a whole other category of dubious sanity.

Worst of all, some are even threatening to bring guitars.

And I've never met any of them before. I hate being the new kid.

Should I worry?


Erica said...

Oh, girl...wait till you get a load of the Elderly Brothers. Post-Helen, you will probably find yourself stalking area nursing homes in an effort to recreate their Elderly [one, MUCH more so than the other] Greatness.


...back to practicing hand-farting. I seem to be stuck at a standstill.

Joan of Argghh! said...

That's the sort of handy research I was hoping for!

Thanks! Heh.

Erica said...

Bad news, Joanie...Blogtoberfest is in less than a week and I can't produce more than a few pathetic little squeakers. I hate not being able to perform.

Jimbo - PRS said...

Methinks you'll fit right in.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, the Jolly Roger and I are both really ready for some fun and relaxation!

l said...

You have to have really dry hands. It comes with age.

lizardbrain said...


That was me.

Stupid fingers.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Lizard brain, what are you talking about??

Too much coding, not enough living.

Erica said...

I think Lizard Brain, the dude with the B I G S C A R Y A L L I G A T O R for a banner, might have been addressing me, that I need dry hands to make squeaky hand-farts.

I'm working on it.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh. You kids know everything!

Dry hands, though? Seems against everything we know about sounds made from squeezing air through small openings.

lizardbrain said...

Strange and counter-intuitive... but true.

I couldn't make (as many) disgusting sounds with my hands when I was younger and juicier. Now that I've become a husk of what I once was, I can be really offensive.

Erica said...

Lizard Brain...you & me, we could get along real well. And it gives me hope, that one day, I too, shall maybe be a less-juicy husk of myself.

FYI: Dry hands give you the popcorn fart effect. It's mad funny.


Ayyyyyy, who fotted?

GUYK said...

Not to worry..unless you are shy! Now I have met a lot of this bunch and what you read on their sites is them..all of them crazier than run over dawgs...but funny in that HAHAHAHAHAHA way...

Joan of Argghh! said...

I'm not shy. I'm outrageous, then insecure, then abysmally mortfied, then drunk.

Kinda like my blog, yeah.

(Note to child reading this blog: no, your mother does not get drunk. It's a joke! See? Funny. Ha ha. That 151 Barbados rum does NOT count. Definitely an accident. Never again.)

lizardbrain said...


You just sent me on a mini time trip. Growin up in da Bronx in the '50s. Before I actually saw the word in print, I thought that it was, indeed, spelled "fot." As in, "Try and catch us, ya old fot!" Ah, memories.

I've been away from the City so long that the accent sounds weird now.

Erica said...

Whoa, da Bronx in da '50s? I'm not too familiar with it [except via "Billy Bathgate" -- an excellent book! -- and "A Bronx Tale"], but I like the Bedford Park area, near the Concourse. The Yankees suck. Sorry, but dat's the way it's gotta be. Oh, and I wasn't aware I had an accent.


Now dis...DIS is an accent.

lizardbrain said...

Yeah, dat was an accent. Good job; I could hear the conversation in my head.

And the Yankees do suck. I grew up a rabid Yankees fan, even stopped at the Jerome Ave 161st St station on the way home from school, where I could watch a sliver of the action on the field from the very front of the Southbound platform. Now I don't care who wins, as long as the Yankees lose.

Omnibus Driver said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you. And, no, you shouldn't be worried at all. The best way to meet this bunch is to do a gleeful cannonball into the "pool."

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hi Leslie, and welcome!

Can't wait to meet everyone.

Will you be driving the Omnibus?

Omnibus Driver said...

Nah. Flying the friendly skies. Chicago is just too far to drive!

Walrilla said...

The only thing you need to worry about is not getting there on time or leaving too early. Other than that, you're in the best company you could be in.