Oct 10, 2007

Packing List

Important stuff that's going to Helen:

Suitcase full of the usual weekend getaway clothes.
Bathing suit?
Ipod full of travelin' music.
Guitar. Maybe.

Also, Offerings Suitable for Generating Games of Competition and Skill:
Really good cigars.
1 Pirate Flag.
30 Gold Doubloons.
1 Ball o' Bugs.
1 Lava Lamp keychain, collector's edition.
1 Headless Chicken.
5 Flying, Screaming Monkeys.
Am I missing anything?

Update: Weather Forecast for Helen, Ga


Holder said...

rubber balls, anti-shovel spray, rockets, a big set of cajones, bail money...

Holder said...

bathing suit? The Chattahoochie is only about 6 inches deep there, maybe a pair of river shoes. DEET?
Looking forward to meeting you...

Joan of Argghh! said...

No pool at the chalet?


Jimbo - PRS said...

What choo mean guitar maybe?

I figure if we have enough guitars and voices, we could bill ourselves as the "New Kristy Miserables."

Joan of Argghh! said...

Das a good one, Jimbo!

Yeah, I'll bring it, if the monkeys don't mind.

Peggy U said...

I think you should amend your list.

Getaway clothes
Suitcase full of money

... there, that's better. And if you can get the screaming monkeys to fly out your butt upon your entrance, you will really make an impression! Just a suggestion, although I hear monkeys will bite, and that could be a problem. I only thought of this because my husband says there is a monkeysflyoutmybutt.com. I've never checked to see if he's telling the truth. No time like the present. Have fun in Helen!

Peggy U said...

Well, either he lied or it no longer exists. Doesn't even look like the name is up for grabs.

Joan of Argghh! said...

What other things has he told you, Peggy?

Erica said...

WTF...you're packed, too? What IS it with you overly-efficient people and making me look bad?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Didn't say I was packed.

I just have a list.

I have lots of lists. Lots and lots of lists. Lists about lists. So many lists that my home is listing.

Lists are important. If you're hoping for employment with some sort of local government agency, you'd better tell them about how good your lists are. They like lists, too.

Oh. sorry. The paranoia is gettin' to me.


Erica said...

Oh, mercy...lists. I would be so much more efficient if I had lists, but then I might lose that fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants in a New York Minute unpredictability thing that makes me so much [fill in the blank] to be around.

What TF -- paranoia??? From Blown Eyes? I've met half of them...I think they're the type you can fart and burp around [of course I would never do that, but that's just me].


Joan of Argghh! said...

Paranoia about the doings in the post below. Keep up, hon'.

pamibe said...

Hope y'all have a good time! :D

Everything made sense except:
1 Ball o' Bugs

zonker said...

Bring some warm clothes for the evenings. It can get chilly up there in the mountains. I'm bringing a couple of bottles of rum, too, so it looks like we'll be okay thru Friday afternoon. ;)

LauraB said...

Ah, I am so envious - you're going to have a fantastic time.

But you aren't going heeled? LOL Just sayin'....

Peggy U said...

What other things has he told me? Oh - that banana slugs fly in their larval stage and a few other things. I don't usually bite without verifying. Didn't buy the banana slug bit at all, though. I don't know why he does this. Maybe because I told him my oldest brother used to do it to the next younger one. When they were in the 4th grade, Ned (oldest) had Bruce (next oldest) convinced that the sun rose in the west in the southern hemisphere. Of course, Bruce had to spout off that new found wisdom at school in front of his whole class! That was the best one.