Oct 18, 2007

The Run-Down

I'm sick of me, so you must be, too.

So go see Erica's blog for a grammatically correct and perfectly readable account of Blogtoberfest. Of course, it took her over four days to write it, so punch-drunk was she over the weekend.

Pictures, links, and true confessions.

It's why the Internet was invented.

Go already. Bzzzttt!


Erica said...

Awwwwww, I <3 you, Joanie....

I tell you, girl, that post was a B-I-T-C-H to write. Good God. And to think, I get to do another one like it in just a little over a week.


LauraB said...

A big thanks to E for the post but a quick "dang, he's handsome" note to YOU re: the Jolly One.

And you're not chopped livah yourself! (Grecian came to mind...there is something very "old soul"-ish...)

(Isn't SWMBO GORGEOUS?! God, I hope I look that good...EVER...)


Joan of Argghh! said...

Yes SWMBO is of superior beauty and I found myself wishing I had brought my sketch pad just to capture it. John Cox did not do her any justice whatsoever, so I don't feel so bad about how he rendered me.

BTW, there's not a single photo of me actually with the Jolly Roger. Plenty of him in bed with Georgia and SWMBO, however.

Erica said...

SWMBO is really, really beautiful. No shittin' -- I thought she was gorgeous on Big E's blog, but in real life, she's a total knockout, and about the nicest, and funniest, person you could ever meet.