Nov 4, 2007

The Center Can't Hold

“The net regards hierarchy as a failure, and routes around it.”

Alan, over at Fresh Bilge, links to The Most Fascinating Thing I've Read since the penultimate Most Fascinating Thing I've Read. It seems the Center is breaking into nodes. From Hyperpeople:

What this means is that we all have the capability to create our own large-scale, low-cost wireless networks within our grasp. Meraki is already proving this in San Francisco, where Google and Earthlink had been fighting the telcos for years to get a city-wide free wireless network installed. Last week, Earthlink pulled out – they just couldn’t fight the politically power of AT&T. Meanwhile, since February, Meraki has been offering free Meraki Minis to anyone in San Francisco who wanted to donate a little of their own broadband to a free municipal WiFi network. Lately that network has been growing by leaps and bounds – no easy feat in a city which effectively broken up by a series of large hills. The “Free the Net SF” project already has almost 14,000 users – that’s nearly triple the number two months ago – and hundreds of nodes. It is proof that us mob can seize control of the spectrum and use it for our own ends.

That's just a tiny little speck on the thought horizon. This is the sort of gearhead writing that captures the imagination unlike any science fiction. Coupling this with Forbes' latest article about maverick bankers lending money to the poorest people in Mexico by sending out loan officers on scooters into the small villages to do "credit checks" of the most basic kind--talking to neighbors--makes for a new world order that no politician has the power to bring about. Or even stop, it seems.

Oh yes, you'll want to read the whole, long thing. Science fiction, or inevitability?

Sorry for the gearhead post. I'll try to keep that to a minimum. Extra tip of my beautiful, veiled hat to TJICistan.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

If you make it cheap...they'll sign up.
Or somethin' like that.