Nov 20, 2007

Florida Blogger Bash

I've come up with a name for it, just need a date and place:

Jean and Joan and a'Who Knows Who.

I'm thinking the post-Holiday blues will be kicking in around January 24th or thereabouts.

Gotta run. Ghost Stories tonight!


Mark said...

Jean and Joan and a'Who Knows Who"

That's awesome! But - you'll have to change your evil ways...

Jean said...

Ha! I like it!

Mark - I dun thin so... :)

GUYK said...

Well, I do like the North Florida beaches

Erica said...

A Borida Flogger Blash! Awesome! Sorry, I just finished reading Blatty O'Mackfive's How to Took a Curkey recipe, and it's got me all hucked in the fead.

I've been wanting to do the Florida meet for a month or so, since there are so many quality peeps who live down there, but I wish you'd give me more time!

Now I have to sit out and watch from the sidelines while youse have all the fun? Pfeh!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Nothin's set in stone, yet, Eri.