Nov 14, 2007

Music City Madness - Update!

Just found out that Greg Griffin, cousin to the Jolly Roger, has made the Sweet Sixteen on CMT's Music City Madness contest.

You guys rock! Thanks for all who voted previously.

He's up against some tough competition in this round, and I can't say that the boy-band is all that bad. Cute guys, fun song, fun video. Hard to compete with just the raw talent of a great voice and a very good song. Apples and Oranges to the untrained ear. Still, it's all good.

Go take a listen, if you like.


julie said...

Yeah, those boys are cuter and they've got great production values, but their song sounds like every other pop country song on the radio to my ear. Greg's was way better - just a guy, a guitar, and a whole lotta soul thrown in.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, Julie. He never thought he'd make it this far, so it's amazing to me, too. I like his voice. The JR has a very nice voice, too. I think it would be neat to get the family harmonics going, since siblings and cousins can have very similar tonal qualities.

There's nothing like family harmony...