Nov 24, 2007

The Retail Surge is Working?

Instapundit makes a wry observation about the media's reluctance to acknowledge the true strength of our economy, while consumers are busily exhausting their resources:

I admire their courage and self-sacrifice. But will this continuous hard service produce a broken consumer army?

See, that may be just the wedge-issue the naysayers need. This type of onslaught of consumerism and spending in the war on retailers will just encourage more guerrilla marketing tactics.

Pretty soon, the smaller retailer cells will follow al-Wally World's lead and will begin slashing and pulling down prices at all hours of the night, in an effort to empty our wallets and spread our spending around until it's as thin as a Clinton prevarication.

This is just the beginning of the escalation of hostilities. I'm waiting it out, however, and will enlist only when things are looking absolutely bleak.

I'm a patriot, sure, but I have my price, and we haven't reached that point yet.



Erica said...

" thin as a Clinton prevarication..."

And that is PRECISELY why you are the kickass Joanster, and I am the poor, meek, uneducated Jooette.

What, exactly, will you enlist in, btw? I must know, so I could do the same.

Not to bring you down with the ship or anything, but you obviously seem to know WTF you're talking about.

[you rule!]

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ha! Why, enlist in the Army of Christmas Shoppers. I'm a conscientious objector at this point. Prices are still too high.

Only when the retailers begin to truly assault my sense of bargain-shopping will I engage the fray.

joated said...

I confess that I'll be cutting back on the Christmas shopping this year. I lack disposable income after purchasing a new truck for myself and putting up the down payment for my daughter to buy a new car after her's died. Then there's the money for a pair of new tires for the Blazer, finishing the basement, new gutters on the one-year-old log home.... Sorry to let the Army of Consumers down during this Holiday Offensive, but as you can surmise, I've been doing my part since September.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, I did my part with the wedding thing. It's probably what emboldened the retailers. Sigh.

joated said...

Gotta do our part as loyal 'mericans to drive the economy!

GUYK said...

Oh hell, sweetthing enhances Wally World's bottom line every month. Last spring when we were out of state for two and a half months the local store had to lay off employees!

Yeah, we do our part to keep the economy going..and enhance the bottom line of the countries producing oil as well..

Deb said...

Here in ATL the TV commercials all but came out and said "If you don't hit the malls on Friday you are un-Amurricun". I guess that makes me a conscientious objector. I pondered on where I could go for a month long vacation to escape the commercial frenzy. The only place that came to mind was the middle east :[

Jean said...

More and more, I am appreciating catalogs and on-line shopping.
And gift cards.

Mark said...

I don't understand this post...


Where are the keys to the racecar?

Oswegan said...

We're in a ressession in case nobody noticed.


p.s. I hate word verification. I must be blind, it takes me forever.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Sorry about word veri, but until blogger can let me load Haloscan without losing all my comments, that barrier can't come down. I've tried every code/fix suggested, and none of them work. Believe me, I'm dsylexic and word veri is my enemy. But spammers are worse.

Oh, and btw, Recession? I hadn't noticed...

nonny said...

Ohh the glorious shopping, I’ll have to wait another couple of weeks but I wish I was you!