Nov 22, 2007


Or Bi-Soculars. Or something. Happy Thanksgiving.

None of this disturbs me so much as does the guy in the bunny ears.



That 1 Guy said...

That's more than a little strange. Heheheh... and the only thing I could think of was Lucy pulling the ball away as Charlie Brown tried to kick it.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Joan!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, T1G!

Well, yannow, not everyone wants to watch football.

nonny said...

Haa ha that is do funny. Happy Thanks Giving!!

Erica said...

Ha! What putzes! This should serve as a very important lesson not to ever take depth perception for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving Joanie, one of my favorite peeps, ever. And please extend that to the JR as well.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, Erica. I have something wretched to post on your blog, but the Turkey Alert you have there is just too comedy gold to push down on the page just yet. Bwahahaha!!!

Jean said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Joan!

Oswegan said...

The guys in the striped pajamas are kind of disturbing too.