Nov 16, 2007

Stephen Green Takes a Hit for the Team

While selflessly watching the unwatchable and reporting back to the home crowd, Stephen Green, the inimitable VodkaPundit, suffered a terrible setback. He needs immediate help:

7:54pm My favorite cocktail shaker, a Christmas/Chanukah gift from a couple years ago, has developed a leak. I blame the speeded-up campaign season. Also, I wish I were kidding. It's a gorgeous shaker. I had to make this new martini with the Emergency Backup Travel Shaker. Sigh.

I would suggest this elegant flashback to a better time, featured of course, in UnCrate. Ever since I saw it about a week ago, I've been trying to think of a way to link it to Stephen without him thinking I'm mashing on him or something. Now I have a totally legit reason to pimp his excellent debate drunk-blogging and perhaps drum up some support for his liver.


Oswegan said...

Ahh, the shaker, it takes me back to younger years.

I can't handle those old gin and vodka martinis anymore. drys me out too much.

I stick to the beers and a nice red wine these days.


GLASR said...

Go down to the bar. Order a pint and a double whatever in a rock glass. Leave a large tip. Take the glasses with. Vodka tastes much better shaken in glass. Brings out the anti oxidants, no stainless leeching. ;~)

Teresa said...

Oooohhh pretty - we need a shaker, I must consider.

Now, since you have put me onto a good book (Freighter Captain) and now a good cocktail shaker. I will give you a tip.

Harvey's post on painlessly adding haloscan comments without losing your old blogger comments. Maybe it will help you as I saw your dilemma posted over at Dogette's.

In anycase, happy Saturday.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Drunk blogging debate.
If that don't de-liver, nothin' will.