Nov 11, 2007

Subliminal Secret Agent

At last, there's hope for all the Beta Males out there! And for just a couple of sawbucks!

This is too good not to lift the liner notes directly from the website:

Turn into the ultimate James Bond, with this new experimental CD! Remain calm, cool and sophisticated at all times. Take risks. Boost your confidence. Tune into your inner powers of seduction. Become the ultimate man in just sixty minutes...

You know you want to listen to a sample.

And don't miss the Love Pack special, guys. Click on "listen to affirmations."

Special thanks to the Jolly Roger for this. I think.


julie said...

That's hilarious. Handcrafted? What, they actually have a sweatshop full of people hunched over machines, carefully lasering out each bit of information?

This is like the mental version of all those Charles Atlas ads they used to have in comics back in the day.

Mark said...

"I flirt with everything cute."

Ha - sounds like me in the blogosphere. You're looking especially lovely today, Joan...

Joan of Argghh! said...

See? Most guys don't need this stuff to be fed to them subliminally.


GLASR said...

Gottem all. :~\