Nov 14, 2007

Wedding Notes

Gah. I'm the worst for updates.

The Wedding? Fabulous!

Her gown? Incredible.

The families? As strange and goofy as yours.

The Getaway Clothes? Hugo Boss suit for him, some stylish trench coat over *what?* for her! The getaway car? Shrinkwrapped and filled with balloons. As poor Paul emptied the balloons from one side, my sister gathered them up and reloaded them in from the other. Hilarious! Bubbles for everyone.

"No ifs, buts, or maybes, we're off making babies" lettered on the rear window. Other sister frowns, "but it doesn't say they're married." Yeeesh....

Pictures? Not yet. You see, I'm one of those people who needs to be in the moment in the moment. Stopping to take pictures is an analog, static procedure which dims the event and dulls the senses. I must live it, experience it, and enshrine it in my Monet of Memory. Fuzzy and evocative, my moments are mine to interpret as a whole entity. A well-paid photographer will capture what everyone else saw.

Me? I was there.


Erica said...

Whooooh, sista...pass the doobage! So, you're old enough to be my mama, and yet, you're crazy cool. It sounds like a hell of a party. Here's to making babies...and everything in between.

Oswegan said...

Sounds fun. Congratulations.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Sheesh, Erica. You don't let anyone have their secrets, do you?


Erica said...

Oh my...I merely surmised, speaking from experience and all, but I guess we've all been the Bogart-er, and the Bogart-ee at one point or another in our lives.


Teresa said...

"Stopping to take pictures is an analog, static procedure which dims the event and dulls the senses."

Oh thank heaven there is someone else out there who feels like this. I'm the same way and I rarely take pictures. (maybe that's why I'm so bad at it).

Michelle said...

I searched everywhere the other night for the complaints section.....WHAT ABOUT THE WEDDING?....would have been the title. See, I get worried, wondering, who, what, when, where and whow have now been answered! Thanks.

nonny said...

ahh I'd say it was a good day, post some pictures!

julie said...

About all I remember of my wedding is posing for pictures. Our photographer was so into posing, we didn't get a chance to do the walk-through, we just had to wing it. Which is to say, I'm glad to hear that's not how your family spent your son's day. So while we do demand pictures, it'll be worth the wait :)