Dec 9, 2007

77 Degrees and Football!

Update: Best part of the day: Watching Fred Taylor run! F-22 Raptors' Flyover! Best line overheard at the game: "Hey! This bar has a stadium!" Worst part of the day: Sunburn in December.

Don't hate me cuz I'm at the game.

I scored some sweet tickets for today's game, so it's well worth the drive to Jax to watch the Jaguars mop the field with some old scraggly stray cats. The Touchdown Club and club seats are the only way to get the Jolly Roger to leave the comfort of the living room and fight the traffic in J'ville.

We'll wave at the Velocidaughter for ya, Vman.


Jean said...

In spite of the sunburn (ouch!) it sounds like it was an awesme day.
Cool beans! :)

Erica said...

Sunburn in December? Hell...when I see peeps like that where I live, it's usually because they spent 50 beans in the Ruskiy tanning salon.

Vanity of vanities. But you got the Real McCoy!

It was pouring like a mofo at the Meadowlands yesterday, when the Jets were playing Cleveland.

Oswegan said...

Sounds fun. Too bad the Jags won't make it far this year.