Dec 23, 2007

Had Enough With the Christmas Cute?

Feel like going hunting?

Go check your sitemeter for IPs showing up from Florida. This bit of encrusted, sun-dried, chicken shit has been spoofing URLs in many blogger's comments.

How can you tell? If you get an inscrutable or noxious comment from an otherwise lucid blog personality (I know, that is the tough part!) go hunting for IPs. If you can check their outclicks, you'll know where next to go find scurrilous comments attributed to you or someone you know.

Some scum-bot out of central Florida has been playing in the Fields of the Bored, leaving evil comments, trying to start something. Today, the feed is coming from Inglis, FL. But it could be Gainesville, Williston, and many other points up and down west/central Florida. Likely someone/thing from the State Penitentiary?

Here's a good list to start with, so start banning with abandon:
If you see your IP here, get bent.


Erica said...

I would like to club the inadequate dipshit doing this in the back of the head with a baseball bat.

Dooshbag spoofing f**kheads.

Anonymous said...

I hope this knucklehead is beginning to feel the heat.

Deadman said...

I wonder if that's the Anonymous Observer dickhead commenting at my site?

But the IP begins with 207.

Well, anyway, Merry Christmas, Joan.

Velociman said...

You can add Fucking asshole.

Elisson said...

You can add to the list. Cocksucker...ain'tcha got something better to do with your time?

Joan of Argghh! said...

No, Elisson, not if he's in the State Pen. If so, I'm afraid incarceration is doing nothing to "reprogram" the inmates, as Will Smith would like to see.

Jean said...

Here we go...


I just deleted two comments.... from Nales, Fl.

little prick!

Jean said...

dammit... Naples, not Nales.

Teresa said...

Looks like this is a "person" (I use the word loosely) who is dialing in. Each time he or she dials in, they get a new IP addy so especially the last number will change each time they connect. Sometimes, depending on which IP's are available, the second to last number will change.

The IP is coming from Level 3 Communications, but you would have to coordinate with them through their abuse contact on how to pinpoint the bugger.

I don't know how they resolve these things at ISP's but that's their job.

I saw from my site meter, that the IP ending in 194.86 was browsing my site earlier. So far I haven't received any comments, I don't know why. It's all very odd and f*&^ing annoying as hell. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

joan, thanks for the detail. i don't get the last digits on my sitemeter, and i think my spam catcher must have caught him on typepad, cause i'm not getting the comments, but i am getting spoofed.

i appreciate you letting the blodge world know of this plague, cause it did cause some unneeded uneasiness over here.

so you think "it's" human, like teresa noted? what would be the purpose do you think? i don't get it.