Dec 28, 2007

Moon Meme

Winter Moon

she is
a bright mirror,
tempered, so we
may gaze unharmed,
at the silver brilliance
of better light

she makes us
dream of warmth
while yet in her
cold arms


[pic from MHMyers who has lots of cool stuff about the moon.]

[h/t Erica]


Erica said...

Dat’s SOOOOOO freakin’ cool, that I inspired you to write a pretty poem. I love it -- it’s really nice!!

-- Di Sarkastische Yiddette

[That’s the closest I can think might be the foreign language equivalent of “Wiseass Jooette.” :-)]

Joan of Argghh! said...

Aw, gotta confess, I wrote it a while back, cuz I'm a lunatic like you!

You just made me remember it.

-La Verdadera Latosa

Erica said...

Good enough for me! :-)

Ani rotzah holekhet l'Levana!

[Hebrew: I want to go to The Moon.]

Holder said...

We must all be feeling the pull of the moon, these days. I wish I could write like you....

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, Holder.