Dec 23, 2007

One Happy Puppy

It was such a perfect day today, and the Pepper Dog seemed a bit depressed---heck we all needed some sunshine. So yeah, we opted to hit the road and take her out for a run somewhere. Hiking in Florida in the winter is just brutal but we toughed it out. And I actually got pics of Pepper smiling at the camera! Of course, the Jolly Roger had to show her how to smile.

Pepper was just crazy! We were about the only folks there at a very nice, but practically unknown state park, so off the leash she went. Deer tracks abounded, giving her plenty of sniffs to snorf. The marsh water was inviting and the ducks and egrets were hunkered down, hoping to go unnoticed. Not a chance, but we held her back. She raced through the woods, got herself lost, came running down the dirt road and plopped into the shade of it, about a quarter mile from me, unable to move...exhausted and refusing to rise. Poor pup!

A few minutes later we had her up and trotting back to the car for some water. It was a beautiful hike, if you like palmettos and pine trees. And spider webs. With big, honkin' spiders.

We probably should check each other for ticks.


pamibe said...

What a happy dog! :)

lizardbrain said...

Palmettos and slash pine and spiders, oh my!

The only state park in the area I'm familiar with is Faver-Dykes. Was that the one?

And shorts. Sure, I could wear shorts on a hike at this time of year around here (and I have), but the level of comfort is not the same. And why isn't the ground all white and frozen?

What a nice thing to do for your puppy. She looks about as happy as a dog can get.

Jean said...

A lovely day, indeed!

Merry Christmas, Joan!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, all!

It must be great to be a dog, no?

Zooomabooma said...

Hiking in Florida in winter is brutal? I'd think it would be pleasant compared to hiking in Florida in summer!!!!

Merry Christmas :)

Oswegan said...

Merry Christmas!


Joan of Argghh! said...

Why, Zooma, someone from Alaska might see it that way, but I tells ya, it was almost 80 degrees out there! Brutal. Way too hot to go hiking.

Heya, Oswegan, same to ya, and more of it!


Erica said...

"Pepper was just crazy!"

Yes, that is quite obvious from looking at that top photo of her.


Seriously, I've never seen a dog that looks quite like her in my life.