Jan 30, 2008

Concession Speeches We Never Hear

"The People have spoken. I suck."

[Not a real quote, Slackers. I'm just honing my speech writing skills. Being all helpful, like.]

If Obama wins and names Edwards as AG, however, I expect what little dignity remaining within the Republican leadership to block such a nomination.

Of course, when was the last time you saw a Republican leader?

Update: Now Rudy's dropped out as well. He may be a good man to have in the trenches when the going gets tough, but his stratergery leaves something to be desired. However, his candor was real and seemingly unafraid, whereas McCain's so-called candor seems pugilistic and calculated for maximum response. Come to think of it, McCain would make a GREAT blogger!


julie said...

I do believe they're going the way of the dodo, Joan.

pamibe said...

The elephant should be replaced by a pterodactyl as the Republican icon.

Mark said...


I think you need to lay off the mimosas, babe.

Gecko said...

Or have another.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Bartender, pour me an ice cold grog...and keep 'em coming.