Jan 5, 2008

Justifiable Contempt

Now! Updated for clarity or further embarrassment. Not sure!

I've had this rambling thought in the "draft" mode since November 21st:

the contempt that congress holds the electorate in. i don't blame them. after a while, how can you respect a populace that votes in Robert Byrd, Trent Lott and Sheila Jackson-Lee year after year? I can well imagine they sit around at local restaurants and say, "watch this, we'll screw 'em like a cheap whore and they'll still re-elect us. We're the only pimps they know."

I stowed it and owed it to being a bit cynical about the political choices being trotted out as potential Leader of the Free World title-winners. I thought I was being a bit too dramatic.

Hit the streets, bitch! Where's my money?

Well, I'm in good, albeit, late company with George MacDonald Fraser's Last Testament as published in today's Daily Mail. Oh, the whole thing is a toothsome essay and it may definitely harsh your mellow, but it heartens, as well, to identify with such clear thinking:

I had not realised how offensive the plain truth can be to the politically correct, how enraged they can be by its mere expression, and how deeply they detest the values and standards respected 50 years ago and which dinosaurs like me still believe in, God help us.

But the readers' reactions to the book were the exact opposite of critical opinion. I have never received such wholehearted and generous support.

Most of the letters came from the older generation, but by no means all. I was made aware that among the middle-aged and people in their 20s and 30s there is a groundswell of anger and frustration at the damage done to Britain by so-called reformers and dishonest politicians who hardly bother to conceal their contempt for the public's wishes.

Plainly many thought they were alone in some reactionary minority. They had been led to think that they were voices muttering to themselves in the wilderness.

Well, you are not. There are more of you out there than you realise - very many more, perhaps even a majority.

I do quibble a bit with his view that Political Correctness began in the U.S., because my first introduction to its modern roots was in reading C.S. Lewis' observations. Perhaps even as Fraser is exhorting others about their inability to see their own faults, he can be forgiven for living so solidly in the middle of PC evolution as to not notice its creeping rise.

Well, PC grew up and went abroad. When it returned back to the B.I., of course nobody recognized it as the bouncing socialist boy they had nurtured during the lead up to WWII.

Be that as it may, I return to my premise to restate it. We get the government we deserve.

I read today that the DOT and George Bush are defying Congress and the law, and allowing Mexican truckers to move freely across the border. Clearly, there's money in it somewhere and the government-guaranteed perqs of such a relationship are going somewhere where political astuteness is appreciated.

Bend over bitch! Where's my money?

If we elect a Democrat, you have a better relationship with your Presidential pimp-daddy because he promises to take care of you and dress you in style and marry you someday. Free health care, baby! You've earned it. And cheap drugs. And in return, the government will take your money and do really, really good things with it for you and your children, and you don't have to worry or think, just work and hand over the check.

Now get busy, ho! Someone's gotta pay for all this shit.

And, if you're a Republican, your choices for President run from RINOs to Dinosaurs and magic underwear. And you can live on promises of financial freedom some day, when they can afford to stop taking your money. They need it, you see, to keep their gang-bankers smiling. Or you can consider Fred Thompson, who sounds so UN-PC and genuine he could win me over, but he voted for limiting free speech. And I don't know if I can let that stand.

Shut up, bitch! Where's my money?

Of course, if whomever we elect lets us keep our guns, it could be viewed as a good compromise in the long run...

Oh hell! Update:

Look, the point is, I don't like any of my choices for President. The issues are such a Gordian Knot of Nuttery as to make mincemeat of anyone who might try. But our Founding Fathers knew a thing or two about what makes the world go 'round, and what an evil government could perpetrate on a weak populace. Just ask a host of other peoples around the world.

I'm not a gun fanatic, just a safety fanatic. I pay my taxes and recognize the necessary evil of electing representatives to govern FREE MEN and WOMEN. I accept laws and governance of my own FREE WILL. We all do. The minute a government thinks that maybe people are worthy of their contempt, is when FREE people should keep a sharp eye on their freedoms. lest they no longer deserve them. It doesn't mean I'm voting for Ron Paul. It means I'm leaving issues to the issues voters. There's a bunch of issues. Precious few freedoms.


Stacy said...

"You want the hairy side or the smooth side?!?!"

Let's elect a woodchuck. Then at least it'd be fun to talk about...

Joan of Argghh! said...

I'm not even gonna ask where that quote is from! LOL!

Michelle said...

"Of course, if whomever we elect lets us keep our guns, it could be viewed as a good compromise in the long run..."
AMAZING...just replace "keep our guns" with whatever issue is most important, for whatever reason, to each voter. Election won.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, I could replace it with, "abort our babies".

But, aborted babies aren't going to protect me from my government.

I could replace it with, "free health care" but free health care isn't going to protect me from my government.

I could replace it with, "higher corporate taxes" but that will only give my government even more power over me.

Or I could go live in China, where every photo on the Internet is now declared government property.

My point isn't about a particular issue, it's about a particular freedom.


Joan of Argghh! said...

And now I'm going to label this post with "tongue in cheek".


GUYK said...

The thing that the left wing and anti gun people miss about the 2nd amendment is that it ain't got the first gotdam thing to do with hunting..the right to bear arms was insisted on by the people before they would ratify the constitution so the people would have the means to protect themselves from government!

Or, then again, maybe the left wing does understand that and figures that if they can disarm us then they will have no problem dictating our lives to us..yeah....after the damn fight..and since they don't believe in guns I hope they bring knives to the gun fight

Mizz E said...

Probably more accurate to say "lit n' light".

Thanks for the link. My turn to get light.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Thompson has admitted that his support of McCain-Feingold was a mistake. That vote troubled me, too, but his candor about absolutely everything, including several matters that might be used against him, persuades me that his recantation is sincere.

Joan of Argghh! said...

FWP, I had not heard that recantation. If so, it is happy news, indeed. I've been studiously avoiding most political news until recently. I guess I've missed this particular bit of information.

Michelle said...


Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, Michelle, mi belle! You are the most elegant of critics and enviable of women, m'dear.

Kiss that wonderful boy of yours for me... and keep on keeping me on my toes!


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hear here!