Jan 9, 2008

Not That Argghhh!

About my blog name...

MizzE's post reminded me that today is the birthday of Joan of Arc. Joan's my muse, if you will, being raised in faith that venerated those who exemplified certain aspects of faith. Joan was a hell-raiser who didn't know her place, heard voices and wasn't afraid to pick a fight. Oh yeah, I could relate to a saint that kicked ass. At age 12 I claimed her for my own.

Fast forward to waaaayyyy back in the year 2000. I participated in a very large online political forum and I lurked for a good while before I decided to jump into the daunting world of political discourse during an election year. I considered for a good long while as to what my online identity should be, and knew that I'd have to go with my patron saint, Joan of Arc. But I wanted it to have a bit of its own cache, to illustrate my frustration with the political scene. Joan of Argghh! it was.

So I jumped into the blog world during its tender years, but mainly stuck to my forum and branched out from there to others' blogs. I was a commenter and lurker and was even quoted by Allahpundit during the TANG Memo Scandal because of my typesetting expertise.---back when he had a rippin' blog. Now he has an even more awesome gig at HotAir.

At one point, John, of the Castle Argghhh! ran across me at Ace's place, I think. We're cool, but we're not related, not affiliated, and rarely cross paths. Yes, he is more popular and well known and is an excellent milblogger whose site I love. But I'd had this name, named after my Patron Saint and not a Monty Python bit I'd never seen or any other blogger I knew, since 2000.

So, I've kept it because there are bloggers out there who have known this name for the last seven years.

And because it reminds me that not all causes are lost, not all who dissent are crazy, and that just maybe, the voices in my head really aren't mine.


Robin Starfish said...

Nothing like being three days late to the Big Announcement!

There's no way you're not gonna end up better off, not with Ms. d'Arc as your patron saint.

Go get em. Aaargh.

Did you say shock pen, as in a 'tase-me-bro'?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, shock pen as in, "bwahahaha!" half-volt fun.

As in, "here, would you please sign my book?"

Ask John Cox all about it.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Cool beans! 7 years of Joan of Argghh!
I wish I could read all of your bloggin' comments! :^)

nonny said...

Tis a Cool name Miss Joan, I admire St Joan alright, although could never quite understand why she continued to kick up a fuss even when she knew she get her arse burnt, literally speaking.

Mad to think you’ve had the Internet bug 7 years, you must be a dedicated follower of fashion. Keep up the good work!

SuperGurl said...

i love this post because i often wonder about the roots of intranet personalities.

one of my favorite blogmeet stories was when elisson asked erica where she came up with name for her site! hysterical to hear her tell it.

Bou said...

One January 9th, I was listening to the radio, and the DJ said, "Today is Joan of Arc's Birthday... in case you didn't know, she was a martyr. Everyone call your mother and wish her a Happy Birthday!"

I still laugh at that. I figure in the next 10 years, my boys should be calling me. :)

I think you should think about putting this post as a link on your sidebar so people who are new and perusing, can see it.