Jan 28, 2008

Politically Perfect.

Writers' Strike? Who cares!?

We've got Iowahawk and Scrappleface for political petard-hoisting, but Suzette! is showing her mettle with two brilliant send-ups of the Kennedy endorsements.

And she makes it rhyme. And she probably is wearing to-die-for shoes while serving up her political insights with a nice Chianti.

Go read, already.


joated said...

Wow! Were those two great pieces. Funny as anything yet with more than a grain of truth at the core.

Thanks for pointing them out. Now, I believe I will go add Suzette to my list of every day visits in the hopes of finding more gems like these.

Suzette said...

Aw shucks - it was nothing. With these Clintons, the stuff practically writes itself.