Jan 20, 2008


The elevation kept rising while the temperature kept falling. The bright winter sun was not going to warm this day; glad I grabbed a cup of coffee and a biscuit before heading out on my "Press On Regardless" Rally.

The Charleston newlyweds are just as silly and happy as you can imagine and my time with them was so much fun. They do have the world by the tail right now. Ya'll remember what that feels like, right?

The D.I.L.'s Jane Austen party was a hit, dotted with some real drama when the tow trucks came to haul the car of her guest, Timna, away for blocking someone's driveway. It's hard to tell on certain streets in Charleston, and she's from Germany so she wasn't understanding too well. I raced outside with cash and cool assurances, and a crisis was averted! Huzzah!

Crossing into North Carolina I see snow everywhere! Snow-covered fields stretching far and away. Bits of snow stubbornly burrowed in on pine boughs, refusing to be budged by the 20 mph cross-winds. Rooftops and cords of firewood all covered in snow. Fencepost tops drifted up to a crescent peaked asymetrical testimony to the night's wintry mayhem. I'm glad it stuck around for me to see it.


I'm about 100 miles south of D.C. and hunkered in to watch the game and some good rest. I told the wonderful Jolly Roger that I'd have some Sailor Jerry rum and drunk-dial him later tonight! Who am I kidding? I'll be fast asleep before the end of the game.

Hopefully, D.C. will be open tomorrow.

If the weather holds, why not keep going north?


Erica said...

Girl…keep going north, please!! The Jooette is want very much to see you, and DC is only about 4-5 hours away from Nu Yawk.

[You could skip Jersey and see Hairboy next time, as there's nothing to really see, but LOTS to smell!]

You gotta come…you’re so close…I mean, why not, right?? Then, I could buy you drinks at Wheelers, and we can both drunk dial the Jolly Roger together.


D.I.L. said...

Timna brought a box of German chocolates for you to church with her . She sends her thanks and a big hug! We had a great time with you! You're and easy houseguest, so you can come hang out anytime. Continue to bring booze...

The boy has just checked out a book from the library called "The Complete Book of Pork." Somewhere in there, he hopes to find some good charcuterie.

I'm going to get a blood sample somehow and have him checked for trichinosis. I don't know how I'll do it without him finding out, but I'll manage. What if the Japanese worms met up with the Mexican worms and had supertriched babies? This could take a lot of arsenic.

He has tomorrow off, so we're going to settle in for the Season 2.5 DVDs of Fraklestar Cracktatica. Come see us on your way back and we might be able to take our walk.

Love you!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, Erica! I may just have to. New York. Just once in my life...

I'm scared to death to drive there. This, after having lived in Mexico City for 5 years!! You'd think I'd be inured to the insanity.

D.I.L., give Timna a hug for me. She is so cute and engaging and you were a wonderful hostess. I told Paul to work his ass off and just let you bring Charleston to his doorstep. He assures me that HE is the trophy husband. Heh.

Love you both!

Teresa said...

Damn... NYC - find a hotel with valet, have them park the car, and then just take cabs. heh. I wish I had enough spontaneity to grab a train and head to the city... *sigh* I think I need to do something like that once in my life.

Velociman said...

Hope you had dinner at the Tobacco Company. Blogged about that place once...