Jan 24, 2008

Road Warrior

D.C. to Charleston in 8 hours. No cell phone calls, no books on tape, just CDs or radio talk on NPR or Rush. No meals or munchies. Just bathroom/gasoline stops.

I love the focus and hum of the road! Especially when traffic is moving in an orderly and predictable flow; north to south, headlights to tail lights, looky-lous in the right-hand lane, please. I really do obsess over the mileage and average speed on a long trip and 73mph average over eight hours, and 30mpg is smokin', let me tell you. The Jetta records it all for me, and I am pleased with the end result: that I am back in Charleston by sundown.

The task-oriented, goal-driven side of my brain enjoys the break from social interaction and problem solving dilemmas and even the incredible awesomeness of the world's political Capitol. Just give me road and let me cruise. I have a target destination to acquire by such-and-such an hour and the resources of car, fuel, money, and coffee wherewith to expect meeting such a goal. So damn simple and enjoyable.

The D.I.L. was feeling a bit better by Wednesday morning, so I took my leave of the Newlyweds after lunchtime and scooted back home, where I have vegetated after sleeping almost 12 hours straight. Nothing like one's own bed!


I awoke this morning to a phone call which may or may not be my golden connection to a new job, or a new career entirely. It was a totally casual work-related connection from my prior job. But this was someone, who like me, believes in finding and creating good connectivity in the work marketplace. It's an opportunity to congregate at an unpublicized business meeting with leading IT CEOs and CIOs in the big city north of here, as well as a connection and phone number to a group of some very influential artists even closer to home. It doesn't sound too good to be true, it sounds like a friendly bit of someone believing in me and giving me a gentle shove forward. If all my hard work and creativity makes me deserving, then, yeah, I'm up for that kind of break.

If it requires politically correct savvy and suffering fools gladly, I'm sunk before I start.

I wonder if I should go blonde again...


joated said...

Love your description of road travel. Like you, I find the hum of the highway a comforting sound. When the traffic is flowing and the gas guage permits, I can just turn off the radio and enjoy the trip. When it's congested, driving those other cars/trucks around me can be a chore, however.

Getting to experience the distances between points on the map (rather than just hopping a plane to get me from A to B) has given me a much better feel for the broad expanse of this fine country of ours.

Good luck on your job hunt.

julie said...

I'm amazed at your bravery - if I listened to NPR while driving, I'd be sorely tempted to steer my car off the nearest high cliff. It sounds like you had a great road trip, and I envy your day at the National Gallery.

I only recommend going blonde if this job actually does require politically correct savvy and suffering fools gladly - that way, if you should slip up all you need do is flip your hair and assume a pleasantly vacant expression ;)

Michelle said...

Glad to see you are back!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Glad to be back!

Julie, I love NPR when they're reviewing new books, music, or other cultural things. I like some of their financial news coverage. Other things, not so much. I must tell more about the segment on a new book called, "The Zookeeper's Wife" about the smuggling and help provided to Poland's ghetto denizens by the zookeepers of the National Zoo there. Amazing stuff!

GLASR said...

Go red. Green contacts. Slay 'em. ;~)

Trée said...

I've always loved the hum of the road--like a lullaby, which is not always the best thing when driving alone. :-D

Joan of Argghh! said...

Welcome Tree! (don't know how to put the little accent mark there...)

I love your website. The art there is so unique. You're creating a daily read for me, I can tell.

Glad you dropped in!

Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

I like just driving, too. My little camaro gets gas mileage like that..that rocks, eh? Good luck with the prospects!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Kelly, you and I could burn up the miles on a road trip!

Hi, Michelle, thanks! Glad to be back.

No, that's not true. I wish I were on the road for another month. ::sigh::

Skully said...

Go with red hair.
Sheesh! I never thought I would give any fashion advice!
Where's my grog?