Jan 4, 2008

Tilting at Luddites

In my perusing I found something that I thought would be helpful for Velociman, should he ever find himself at the bottom of that bottle of Wild Turkey, looking to establish his survivalist lifestyle. (It's my way of thanking him for the Google search out of the UK that brought someone to my sight looking for "rubber dirndls" before they clicked away to Key's site.)

In fact, the entire Low-tech Magazine site is a thin compendium for survivalists and Luddites and unemployed dreamers. Kind of like "Amish, Lite" for those with a hankering for a simpler and more self-sustained lifestyle. We're not talking about life after the Apocolypse here; just maybe life without Wii and the NFL Channel. A Good Life.

Oh, and even alternative housing options and Earthships made from car tires. Oops. Tyres. Looks like a British site. Guess you won't be finding any innovative ways there to keep the beer cold.


Velociman said...

Sweet. You'd like my new favorite periodical: Hobby Farms. I'm gonna get me a donkey and some goats. Maybe I can convince Redneck to be my Eb, and Elisson to be my Mr. Hankey, uh, Haney. I'll be Arnold Ziffel, of course.

Mark said...

That's a tired shtick.

Can you say Whole earth Access? I thought you could...

Jim - PRS said...

"...you won't be finding any innovative ways there to keep the beer cold."

Or, tips on dental care.

Peggy U said...

Here's for the beer (stolen from postoilsurvival.blogspot.com):


A bamboo refrigerator is a low-cost, non-electric, iceless device for storing food. It can be made easily using:
- A cylindrical basket made of bamboo or slender sticks of wood with an open weave
- A loose-fitting lid
- Jute cloth (burlap, coarse cheesecloth, or loose canvas)
- Metal or clay tray (circular or square)
- Stones or bricks.

Build the iceless refrigerator large enough to meet your food storage requirements. To build the refrigeration basket, start by loosely the basket with the jute cloth. Sew the jute cloth around the rim of the basket. The lower end of the cloth must hang loosely around the bottom, exceeding the length of the basket. Arrange four or five bricks or stones in a circle. Place the metal or clay tray on top. Place three to five stones (or bricks broken in half) in a circle inside the tray. Place the jute-covered basket on top of the stones in the tray. basket loose-fitting lid Fill the tray with water, making sure that the loose ends of the jute cloth dip into the water.

To use the basket, place perishable food in the basket, cover the basket with the loose-fitting woven lid, and then cover the lid with a wet jute cloth. Dampen the jute material on the top and sides periodically with clean water. The water will evapourate from the cloth, keeping the contents cool and fresh (temperature depends on environment). Place basket in a breezy, shaded area.

Joan of Argghh! said...

But Vman, will you be the Arnold on Green Acres, or the Arnold on Petticoat Junction?

Mark said...

If I'm ever hiking and need to keep food cold I hope I have a basket, loose fitting lid, jute, needle and thread, clay tray, and bricks with me...

Actually, most people think I have a loose-fitting lid with me everywhere I go...

Joan of Argghh! said...

Nah. Nobody needs all that. Simpler and more effective ways are employed, even in your beloved Africa, Mark.

The key is evaporation, everything else is ingenuity.

I gotta say that the aeolian windmill is a neat concept. The gutters on the condo here constantly buzz and hum with the seabreezes. I should put that to use somehow, keeping the hot tub up to temp.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

You ice pirates in Florida should have no problem keepin' the grog ice cold with the weather yer havin'. Heh!

BTW, Ice Pirates is a cool flick.

Skully, the critic

Joan of Argghh! said...

What? You still have 'lectricity, Ben? If that Pineapple Express didn't take it down, I guess these little gusts of wind you're having won't hurt ya none.

Ice Pirates was fun, except for the eunuch-making machinery. If you look really close on a still-frame of that machine, it says, "Hillary."

Velociman said...

I'd be the Green Acres Arnold. The one that became a Hollywood star. Either way, I think Hooterville would be an apt name for the farm.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Aye! That eunich-makin' machinery made me wince, I tell ya what!
No surprice that Hill-billy (no offense to hillbilly's, without the gash) does the same thing.

Incidently, who knew space herpes could be so funny. :^)