Jan 12, 2008


Jimbo, like any good lawyer, loves words. And since I'm sort of on a new word high right now, his post really put me into the mood to join him in his search for new woids to add to his collection.

But for this particular curio-shelf of words, he wants reverse-engineering of new words; reverse anachronisms for the Back to The Future crowd. One of the delights of that movie was hearing the term, "heavy" repeated back with incredulity and curiosity about the nature of gravity in the future. And "Calvin's" ski-vest being mocked as a life jacket. Heh.

Can you imagine taking Rap terms back in time? And not getting slapped? Word. Or just the ubiquitous, non-gendered and unimaginative term, dude? As though everyone in the future was a cowboy...

It's a nice writing exercise, and may make you some money if it can inspire you to write another Peggy Sue Got Married or Pleasantville.

Herewith, my lame offerings:

Texting - it was never a verb, so it would've been the practice of plagiarism, lifting entire text.

404- a watered-down version of 409.

DOS Attack - sounds German. Should be met with extreme force and prejudice.

CSS - what you do when under attack: cuss

RSS Feed - I'd guess it to be military logistics for the forward base-camp's breakfast

Frames - what goes around your glasses or what pictures go into

Bug - has always been around to describe a glitch, or an irritant. Now it just describes features in MSVista.

Moonbat - Dracula or his minions

Cyberspace - Cyclops’ den

Autosave - the garage

TrackBack - Italian tank

Go on. Go write your own and post them at the Parkway Rest Stop. Go help a New Joisey lawyer. You never know when you may need his help, some night, while driving through Valkenvania.


undercover brother said...

That's fresh! I'm down with that, sistagirl.

Jim - PRS said...


Kim said...

I forgot to leave my definition of widget over there. Proof of mentalness.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Doh! I forgot that one, too.

I would've thought is was like a Spacely Sprocket.