Feb 15, 2008

Anders Boetter Apologizes... to Muhammad --Updated with more intolerance!!

It's almost worth the hassle of deciphering the Facebook phenomenon of inscrutable web-blogging for the ADHD, to sign up just to enter into the *enlightened debate* found on Mr. Boetter's site.

I have no issue with a stupid, privileged prick of a man-child assuming the role of self appointed scapegoat, guilt-mongering, wrong-headed, safely-sheltered apologist for his own egregious errors, but the hubris of assuming to speak for all Danes on the matter of a controversial cartoon just begs to be mocked.

Herewith, I mock Mr. Boetter, whom I will now refer to as Butters since I'm unsure of the pronouncuation and don't speak Danish but I do love their breakfast breads.

In the first 24 hours, more than 1,000 people joined the Sorry Muhammad network.

Anders' goal is to collect 10,000 members in 14 days - which would be a significant feat since the total number of Danes on Facebook is 300,000 so far.

Not all of them are Euroweenies, however:

Within six hours a rival network group appeared called No Need to Apologise to Muhammad.

"This is a mockery of freedom of speech and to me it doesn't matter what religion you have; you should be tolerant towards Danish freedom of speech," writes Tanya Kortgaard.

"I think it's fantastic that most of the newspapers in this country have shown that in Denmark we are not giving in to death threats," says Gar Field.

Anders Kunze Juul-Dam, another group member, argues: "I think there's a tendency to believe that the most fundamental norms and values of Danish society are open for debate - they're not. If you don't like the smell in the bakery then get out of here. Nobody is forced to be in Denmark - neither immigrants nor Danes. If you want to be here then you have to adapt."

Noble Danes, I stand with you and your tasty breakfast delicacies! Just as the French have created Croissants for their own amusement, I propose a nice, tasty turban-shaped pecan Danish, with a secret center filled with dates and poppy seeds (kinda like little bits of shrapnel, non?)

Update: Hey! Are we forgetting who is killing who here? I'm merely stating my opinion of Butters' apology, which he does on "behalf of all ordinary Danes." I have not threatened to kill either him or any film directors of his acquaintance. How is that intolerant? I'm thinking a knife with a note attached to it, sticking through the heart of Theo Van Gogh was kinda intolerant. I think burning schools and trashing cars is intolerant. And I think getting one's caftan in a wad about a cartoon is the height of intolerance.

But then, as a Christian, I've never encountered any maligning of my faith. Except for every day, on television, in the news, in books, on blogs that I even link to; from friends who have no idea that their idea of "funny" is a bit less than funny to me. They don't understand, so I tolerate the silliness. Because I'm a grown up. Because I strive to understand. And because they haven't threatened me with violence, and they can't hurt my confidence, or rattle my faith. Because my faith is also a grown-up faith, not some bratty, immature, and insecure cult of death.

I have every intention of letting Butters live out his life, finish his schooling, and hopefully live to a ripe old age. And I have Obama-like hope that every day of his adult life (for he is a mere child, yet) he will realize what an idiot he was.

That makes me extremely tolerant, but it doesn't make him any smarter.

2nd Update: continued violence in Denmark. It seems that apologizing isn't enough.


joated said...

"I propose a nice, tasty turban-shaped pecan Danish, with a secret center filled with dates and poppy seeds (kinda like little bits of shrapnel, non?)"

And bacon bits! Don't forget the bacon bits, mmmmm.

Will said...

Nice job Joan, you have now proven yourself to be more intolerant than Muslim extremists.

Anonymous said...

Anders Boetter is obviously a thoughtful person who cares about the feelings of other human beings. While this is admittedly not a popular position in politically conservative countries like Denmark and my own home (USA), it does show a bit of the promise of our species. Those who feel the need to respond to his opinions with vitriol and half truths (he never claimed to speak for all Danes, but rather for those that were not being represented by views expressed in Denmark's 'mainstream media') simply reveal their fear of their own ignorance. Perhaps they actually believe that they can gerenalize about millions of people (Muslims) in a meaningful way. They are obviously too young to remember the Second World War, and too naive to see the parallels. I feel sorry for them. I'd like to suggest they all make an honest attempt to get to know someone with different views than their own. Maybe someone of a different religion or complexion. They might be suprised to find how much they had in common.
I'm not trying to suggest that our planet is populated only by well meaning individuals, but rather that no group; ethnic, religious, political or geographical has cornered the market on vice or virtue. And a final suggestion to those who feel compelled to rail against people who are 'different' then they are; please, go read a book or two (preferably NON-fiction) would you? Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Bob Smith, Vermont, USA robert_smith@verizon.net

whateverman said...

One of the ways to identify a person being civilized is when he/she does something that doesn't necessarily *need* to be done.

In this case, speech is free in Denmark, and I agree with those who complain that censoring it goes against national interests. I also feel, however, that it's very civilized to apologize to Muslims. Small steps like this go a long way towards defusing a volatile situation - *especially* because there's no legal or moral need for such steps to be taken.

You can view Anders as being a bit presumptuous, but I choose to view him as smart. It's far easier to soothe someone who's (in my opinion) too easily offended than it is to deal with violent unrest in the streets.

Old Cloots said...

Whateverman -

That's called "appeasement" wher I come from.

Nice job Joan, you have now proven yourself to be more intolerant than Muslim extremists.

Dammit, Joan, give Muhammed his head back. And play nice from now on.

Anonymous said...

Um, where are the apologies for the fatwahs? And the videos of killing non-Muslims? Hmmm? Where are those apologies?

Holy crapaloni, Joanie, crazies abound, no?

This is the Frothmistress, btw. I ain't got a Blogger account.

Old Cloots said...

Where are those apologies?

They don't have to apologize, Frothmistress, because we don't need to be appeased...

Joan of Argghh! said...


Welcome, and thanks for your comment. I know you mean it sincerely. Please realize, however, that this young man isn't so young as to not remember something that happened 2 years ago, and to see the current riots all around him. He may be sheltered from it, but he can't be unaware of the pain and suffering being inflicted on his homeland because a group of people decide they don't like anyone criticizing them.

That you choose to ignore what is obviously intolerance on the part of Muslims, that you have no idea what sort of people and actions you are defending, disqualifies you to participate in this blog. Sorry!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hey, Whateverman! Thanks for stopping by.

However, I'll maintain my aggrieved stance until Muhammed apologizes for the death of Theo Van Gogh.

I'm waiting...

In the meantime, you and your opinion are safe to move about freely, without any complaint from me.

Derision, yes.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Frothmistress, you can sign in under Wordpress. Look again at your options, luv!

Anonymous said...

Where are those apologies?

They don't have to apologize, Frothmistress, because we don't need to be appeased

Silly me. I forget that hurt feelings are justification for killing your conversation partner.
What's wrong with me?


Kim said...

I have a short attention span. Every day is a new day. Perhaps I've figured it out now. Sorry.

Erica said...

"I also feel, however, that it's very civilized to apologize to Muslims."

What?? The?? Fucking?? Fuck??

It's also very fucking civilized to apologize to the family of Leon Klinghoffer, and to the family of every Israeli athlete Yasser Arafat and the Mujahadeen had murdered during the 1973 Olympics in Munich, and how about the families of every single person reduced to abstract dust in Lower Manhattan on 9/11...Muslims might also want to extend an "oops, sorry" to the family of every single Jew murdered while eating their pizza in fucking Sbarros, or having a Passover seder in a hotel in Jerusalem, or taking the #18 bus to work one morning, only to have their charred remains have to be peeled off of the sidewalk by ZAKA so what's left of them can be buried according to Jewish ritual.

The Danes happen to be fine people and were, in fact, the ONLY Nazi occupied country in Northern Europe that lifted more of a finger than they had to to rescue as many Danish Jews as was humanly possible, so, as far as I am concerned, they do not need to apologize to anybody, for anything, because they did not do a Gott damn thing wrong.

Rudy Giuliani said that, “The best way to achieve peace is through overwhelming strength.” The Danish peeps, not to mention every other country the world over, would be damned to hell if they pansied themselves for the benefit of the Muslims. Freedom of speech is guaranteed in our Constitution and I would gladly defend to the death my right to exercise this freedom.

Rubbing Muslims' noses in it by trying to offend them harder, by re-publishing more photos...this I don't necessarily agree with, as it's not my style to be inflammatory...but when the FUCK did an Orthodox Muslim ever give a shit about hurting anyone else's feelings? Hell, they don't like what you say, they don't approve of the faux "diplomacy" between Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas, they'll just blow themselves up in a bustling population center.

I want to like Muslims, I really, really do. But, the thing is, I don't. Because they are the fucking black scourge of humanity, they are a culture of death...they worship it, propagate it, and when I see them holding signs, which read "Behead those who insult Islam," well, let's say it doesn't do much for garnering them much sympathy.

When people say we should apologise to these murdering assholes...I swear, I just don't know WTF is WRONG with people. We've become this society of castrated fucking hippies, with our love and peace crap....here's a newsflash: IT DOESN'T WORK!! Look what Code Pink's love and peace bullshit accomplished in Berkeley. They're taunting the Marines, of all people, and what do our blessed American Leathernecks say?

Well, something along the lines of, 'We're just glad they're exercising their freedom of speech.' I've blathered enough, but I think - I hope - I've gotten my point across, without veering too far off topic.

I need a shot of something, I think.

Kim said...

Boy, that was perfectly well said. I wish I'da said it.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yee haw, Erica!

I bet he doesn't remember ordering a can o' whoop-ass. heh.

Old Cloots said...

Silly me. I forget that hurt feelings are justification for killing your conversation partner.
What's wrong with me?

What;s wrong with you?


Common decency

I could go on...

It also appears I missed something the first time around:

And a final suggestion to those who feel compelled to rail against people who are 'different' then they are; please, go read a book or two (preferably NON-fiction) would you?

Cornered the market on intelligence, have you?

I guess those of us who have actually LIVED IN and traveled to numerous Arab and predominantly Muslim countries are not able to formulate a valid opinion that differs from yours because we don't read non-fiction (or so you would have us believe).

I have a suggestion for you, but I won't sully this thread with it out of respect for Joan.

Joan of Argghh! said...

You... you... respect me? What's that gonna do to your rep, Cloots?


Anonymous said...

How funny, Freedom of speech, Europe just forgot about their history, new gerenation need another World War, Its enough time you have passed without war, you got every thing, technology, science, knowledge, weapon, now only you need is WAR. There are only few people who really want to stop these kind of crises.
We respect feeling feelings of others but thats not mean we cant condemn again us...it is just start of another era of Muslim - christianity. Lets see where it goes. Who is responsible?? blame each others...

Joan of Argghh! said...

"How funny, Freedom of speech, Europe just forgot about their history, new gerenation need another world war, you are playing with peace of World, but you dont care about it, due to your silly mind... "

-Someone from Bilbao, Spain, left this comment where you'd never find it, so in a spirit of helpfulness, I've re-posted it here. It really brightens up the place.

And I'm not so sure that Europe forgetting its history is such a good idea, but I think that's what this person is trying to convey. Once again, I'm just trying to be tolerant of ESL students here.

Lastly, I haven't quite felt that the weight of the entire World's Peace was my plaything. My silly mind is much more easily distracted by important things like... working to make a living.

It's those peace-niks burning down entire sections of large European cities because they moved there, but won't learn the language, can't get a job because of it, and collect government money to idly sit around a make the World's Peace their own pyromania plaything.

Those are the ones hoping that Europe forgets history.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, I see you found the right place to leave a message.

Bienvenido a mi casita.

Old Cloots said...

you got every thing

I see I'm not the only one who recognizes that Joan's got it goin' ON!

Joan of Argghh! said...

¡Ay de mi, pobrecito! Tres horas de revistarlo a mi blog, y buscar otros commentarios a leer.

Three hours, folks. Bilbao Spain has been logged on, viewing 45 pages, and incessantly clicking on the comments.

Ya'll are letting him down!

Erica said...

It's because you are just THAT good. If I had all that time to do as I wished, I would spend three hours reading through your archives, too.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Aw, Erica! Too sweet. *mwuah!*

Ooops! Bilbao is back! Shhhh!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joan for so good check on timing of clicking and IP check ;)

I appreciate your efforts, I can use words that is used by Erica and others in this Blog but i will not because it again my believe.

How can we expect respect from you, even you dont respect your messanger too.

Due to some poeple, you cant blame whole cummunity, same like in christianity.

If you have any courage and humanity, if you have, you will talk in well civilized person in response.

i will wait for your response.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Querida, I have no idea why you think I have no respect for ...whatever.

I simply have no respect for stupidity. I have never maligned any Muslim for being a Muslim, only for being a stupid, murderous, childish, rioting, uncivilised Muslim.

And those who would rush to apologize for another's divinely-given right to free speech are just plain unable to think for themselves. And they achieve nothing towards peace and unity by their hand-wringing.

I know you're trying to communicate something more, but it's not coming through in your translation.

I don't want war, but I won't give up my freedom to those who would usurp it with terror, threats, and temper-tantrums just because their feelings are hurt.

To appease that sort of behavior is to allow a child to grow into a monster, which is what Islam is quickly becoming.

I'm not hearing any Muslim "non-extremists" speak up. I wonder if they're just as afraid of their Islamic brothers as the infidels. How inutterably sad.

Apologizing for freedom is NEVER a good idea. NEVER.

julie said...

have I told you lately that you're awesome?
Well, you are.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Dear me, Julie, I hope you didn't really slog through all this!!

Thanks, hon.

Glad you're still bloggin' and singin' and paintin'. You're my virtual mentor!